Squeeze Until The Last Drop And Then Some More: Thousands Of English Poor In Court For Non Payment Of Council Tax And England Needs To Be More Like China!

While the English Queen was just awarded the highest dole payout of the land seeing as somehow she was down to her last million, thousands of her poorest subjects were called to a mass court hearing to fight the changes in welfare law which, while rewarding the monarch for her bad financial management, threatens to punish her subjects for merely being poor and unemployed.

If you want to know why the English ruling elite thinks this is a good idea you have to know the mindset of the Eton raised spoiled brats currently masquerading as the “elected” representatives of the English people.

Here is some words from George “Silver spoon” Osborne that might give you a hint:

Britain is no longer great, is defeatist and unambitious and needs to be more like China, the Chancellor has said.

In an astonishing trashing of his country’s attitudes, George Osborne added that Britain had lost its “can do” approach and had been relegated to the status of a “second-rate power”.

He was speaking at the end of a five-day trip to China in which he had been awed by the speed and scale of China’s economic development.

Dismissing suggestions that China has a “sweatshop” economy, he said he wished Britain would be more like the communist country.

“I also feel a bit like, my God, we’ve really got to up our game as a country, and the whole of the West has to understand what is happening here in Asia,” the Daily Telegraph reported him as saying.

He claimed, as he waited in Hong Kong for a flight home, that the positive attitude of the country during the Victorian era and while Margaret Thatcher was prime minister has been lost.

“I do think there’s an ambition in the country and a sense of optimism and ‘can do’ which our country had in the Victorian age and had at other points in our history,” he said.

“Somewhere along the line in Britain there were bits that were great about British industry that we allowed to wither.”

He added: “There has been at times in Britain a sense of defeatism. You saw that in the late 1970s when everyone was resigned to the decline of empire and Britain being the sick man of Europe. Margaret Thatcher turned that around. You saw that three years ago when everyone thought we couldn’t tackle our debt problems and the financial crisis had relegated us to a second-rate power.”

While criticising Britain’s failures he maintained that, with the help of the Coalition, the country is beginning to improve and might one day be able match the energy shown by China and “be the best”.

In a week in which he has opened the door to China investing in new nuclear power in Britain, he said attitudes to the communist state must change.

The Chancellor described China as a country with an ancient civilisation and one that should be treated with respect. He said: “China is not a sweatshop. China is different. If we have just a black and white view of China as a communist country of cheap manufacturing, and the only thing we want out of them is access to their market, then we are missing out in a very big way as a country. China is what it is. And we have to either be here or be nowhere.”

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What does that mean? Well, think suicide nets outside the factories, slave wages for those forced to work long hours far away from family and community under terrible conditions, runaway corruption and pollution, draconian punishment for those protesting their conditions and more money and wealth for the ruling elite while the rest suffers.

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