The Government borrows $ 250 million a week. Watch “Money as debt” and be afraid, be very afraid.

The news that the government borrows $ 250 million a week comes as no surprise to those of us who have been observing the looting of America and England by the international banking pirates over the last year.

We are after all a colony of England and the Endgame is neigh. We are in for the roughest ride in human history and this is just the beginning. The New World Order elite wants to Royally rip us off one more time and be done with us and to do that they have to endebt us to the point of no return and 4 million people borrowing $ 250 mill a week with no way of paying it back is a good start.

For those of us who are still sleepwalking through live thinking that house prices will forever go up and that Governments are inherently good the news that we need to borrow these sums however judging by comments recorded by my husband who works in the world of sheeple are those of surprise and dismay as we were supposed to have such a strong economy and we were on the way up.

So today I would like to bring back for those who haven’t seen it an animation video about the creation of money. It is called “Money as Debt” and it details how money is created and why we are being scammed.

What’s more watch it and send this link to everyone you know. We are in the most dire of situations and we need to educate our fellow men as quick as possible because we are running out of time.

6 thoughts on “The Government borrows $ 250 million a week. Watch “Money as debt” and be afraid, be very afraid.

  1. excellent post
    People who view money as debt, should look for money as debt II – it was on google video last time I checked.

      • Its in several parts on youtube. Concen has a torrent.

        btw are the same people who are into 9/11 truth, doing the openureyes wellington doco nights?

        btw I download radio4all about 8gb of audio a week let me know if you like the look of…

        interesting one where audience members often comment on the mic

        Informed comment on current affairs and trends

        Irreverant video blog

        An interesting producer is Adam Curtis, I find the series “Pandoras Box” and “Power of nightmares” quite fascinating, investigating the straussian neo-cons giving the masses a lie to believe in.

        • Thanks for the info. I will check out all your links.
          I think the 911 truthers in Wellington now the people of openyoureyes but they are a separate group.

          By the way on the 21 of November Richard Gage will do his presentation in the Papa museum.

          By the way I linked to the MSD II video so thanks for that too.

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