Motor bikes to pay a higher ACC levy, Oh dear.

I had a friend. let’s call him A. Yep, the same friend who about a month ago told me to stop writing because it was all twaddle that I wrote.

He is you typical white middle class farmer and he voted National in the last election. Nothing wrong with that.
He told me that John Key was going to see us right. Fine, to each their own I say and as a farmer he most certainly got some goodies. Some tax cuts albeit not as much as he would have liked to have had because of the worlds recession and bugger the price of milk solids dropped because again of the worlds recession but Carbon tax is off for another couple of years so far so good but, and that’s a big but he also likes to ride his big bad old motor bike.

And in the good old tradition of to each their won responsibility the government wants to up the levy’s according to risk.

Oh oops, now my friend has to pay from $ 500 to almost $ 750 per year because on average more Motor cyclists cause accidents than any other means of transport.

Well, in the good old tradition of Nationals libertarian thinking I agree. Why should those of us who choose a more safe means of transport have to pay for those of us who want to be big bad macho men on big bad dangerous motor bikes. (Motor bikers are 16x more likely to be involved in craches)

Of course you will only get screwed half that much if you dump on Women who got raped, Criminals and people who for one reason or another at some time in their life thought that being dead was easier.

I mean they asked for it and if you commit a crime you ought to be locked up and what the fuck harden up mate.

Well that may be so but you will get screwed never the less.

How’s that change going for ya, New Zealand.

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