I’m in good company, Meet Niels Harrit

Niels Harrit has been Associate Professor at the Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen, for 37 years.

What’s more Niels Harrit is a specialist in Nano Chemistry and one of the scholars for 9/11 truth.

This is what he has to say about the finds of this group with regards to the Chemical composition of the WTC dust collected in the aftermath of the collapse of the three towers.

Here is a transcript of another interview with Niels Harrit

How, not why, did World War Three start?
We are not talking about conspiracy theories, absolutely not. We are talking about elementary physics and chemical processes, Newton’s laws, gravity, the melting point of steel, and the like.

The World Trade Center was a complex made up of several buildings. The best-known, of course, were the two towers, WTC1 and WTC2. Together with five other smaller buildings – numbered 3, 4, 5 and 6 – they formed a perimeter around a central plaza. On the far side of building 6, over 100 metres from the North Tower (WTC1), was building seven (WTC7). It was a very large 47-storey office building.The two towers collapsed on 11 September 2001, after each was struck by an airplane. Everyone on the globe who had access to a television set has seen the dramatic and tragic images. However, to this day, only very few people are aware of the existence of WTC7 or its fate. This building was not hit by any airplane, but still collapsed seven hours after the towers. This feature article is about that event.

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One thought on “I’m in good company, Meet Niels Harrit

  1. Want to wake America up to the truth regarding 9/11? Here’s how…….


    Please leave a comment voicing your support for this idea. It is a very small price to pay considering everything that has happened in our world based on the tragic events of that fateful September morning.


    Daniel Edd Bland III

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