Are NZ Troops Surrounded By ISIS And Are We Facing A modern Gallipoli?

After 12 years of war and mayhem in Iraq and the whole Western world and their dog training Iraqi soldiers and police force  ISIS, a ragtag band of rebel fighters, is taking over not just Iraq but Syria as well.

Camp Taji

Yellow/Orange is ISIS territory According to the NY Times.

So when I found all these pretty pictures I decided to find out where Camp Taji (formerly known as camp Cooke), where our troops are  stationed, actually is. There  is good news and there is bad news. The good news is that they are alive and  there is a buffer of about 15 km between them and the devilishly evil ISIS troops who according to the NY Times are surrounding the area. Another good bit of news is that there is a corridor from Taji to Baghdad which means they could get to an airport to get out of the country. Another bit of good news is that ISIS has so far only executed Western journalists according the the MSM and is not attacking foreign troops. They only attack and execute Iraqi troops, religious minorities and Muslims they deem to be un-Muslim!

The bad news is that according to the MSM in New Zealand:

“ISIS fights like a state … It fields more than 25,000 fighters, including a hard core of ex-Baathist professionals and Qaeda veterans. It has a hierarchical unit organisation and rank structure, populated by former regular officers of Saddam Hussein’s military,” added Kilcullen in the Australian Quarterly Essay.The New York Times published an article in which they paint a miserable picture. SAMIA NAKHOUL Stuff 23/05/15

I once again fail to see what difference 120 NZ troops can make while cooped up in an otherwise empty (I think the camp is once again filled to the brim with US/NATO troops seeing as ISIS is giving the cam a wide birth but hey…)  camp trying to teach fleeing Iraqi troops to get back to the battlefield while staying save behind the barbed wire “Line”.

Granted it is not a lot of troops compared to the thousands that died in Gallipoli but every life counts and to station troops on a piece of barren, indefensible land, like sitting ducks, is what happened in Gallipoli too. Are we sacrificing NZ troops so it can trigger a greater involvement in the “war on terror”?



4 thoughts on “Are NZ Troops Surrounded By ISIS And Are We Facing A modern Gallipoli?

  1. Oh and, of course this is a set up to expose some Kiwi grunts to ISIS – and it won’t be the runaway ISIS guys, it will be the hard core. It is a cruel irony (choke, splutter) that the correct name for MOSSAD is the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, and that it was also the name of an American Mercenary “facilitator” – and of course is one of the names of the fertility and war Goddess Ishtar, who likes plenty of blood and bone for her killing fields.

    They have already sacrificed Kiwi grunts in Afghanistan – remember the three in the Humvee? Or the other incident which had all the hallmarks of a targeted assassination and or sacrifice? And then there are the soldiers who have a bad habit of drowning while training, or who get stuck on a mountain and left to die – all sacrifices folks – if you do not understand sacrifice, you do not understand anything, so The man told me…

    So, will they sacrifice Kiwi grunts? Yes, and what is more, “They” will sacrifice NZ too…the plan is to make us the Haiti of the South Pacific and the Lifeboat for rich white folks. They jes’ love killin’s folks for their god…

    There is a time of sorrow and testing coming to this nation which will crush it like ripe grapes – and it will happen so suddenly and so completely if you are not anticipating its arrival, you will go utterly gaga until it dawns on you that the velvet glove has come off the iron fist and everything you thought you owned is gone, and what is more,David Shearer will be running this mess…! You think key is bad? Oh boy, you have seen nothing…at least the Nazis know haw to have a good time, the commies are just shit-bags….

  2. There are much deeper issues in play here than puissant Pollies and their personal preferences. Just for the record, this June 6th, or 6:6:15, is 4yrs, 4mths since John Key spurned the prophecy given at the Waitangi Dawn Ceremony by a Ngapuhi Elder. The big Wellington quake of 23:1:1855 struck at 9:11pm, and on 24:6:(19)42, a 7.2 hit the Capital. If you want to see the fault which is going to fang Wellington, it starts under Soames Island and heads out into Cook Straight and ends up in the Hikurangi Trench and is humongous. It looks like a coiled serpent halfway between the Islands. The Shapeshifter video Twin Galaxies is freaky. Watch it.

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