Step 8 To Fascism: Control The Media

Everyday, without fail, the Daily Mail publishes between 6-10 articles in a block dedicated to ISIS. The mix is usually a big photo of more imminent beheadings (to add horror, some children watching thrown in the mix), some smaller photo’s of women in full black cover and chained (How very 50 shades of Grey and just enough barbarism to titillate the Western  population. Much like “the Sheik” with Rudy Valentino way back when) up to be brought to slave markets, suicide bombers, inter-tribal murders, female heroes (With face covered) fighting or ridiculing ISIS and more confusion and mayhem convincing us that we are fully entitled to invade the countries mentioned in the articles. Oh, and did I mention the destruction of heritage sites?

For the next couple of days  I thought I’d put up some screen dumps of the front page of the Daily Mail’s propaganda pieces to perhaps show you how completely over the top they are.

Propaganda1 23052015 Propaganda2 23052015

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