NZ Herald Military Specialist Confirms: NZ Troops Sitting Ducks In Iraq, While John Key Takes Shirtless Selfies!!!

Dr Ron Smith, University of Waikato research associate, is now questioning his earlier support for the Kiwi deployment.

“Knowing what I know now, do I think it was a good idea to go? No I don’t.”

It was important New Zealand supported its longstanding allies but the deployment was “almost in the nature of gesture politics,” Dr Smith.

“We’ve got special forces which are reasonably well-maintained, trained and equipped. Beyond that, we’ve got no defence forces. We’ve got no air force.” Dr. Smith

When I reported in on 10/10/’15 on that, according to a worried dad of two, SAS personnel and NZ military had already been deployed in Iraq in as early as 4-10-’15, I got an unexpected email via my contact form. The email came from non other than the Chief editor of the NZ Herald on Sunday.

A day or two after that email and after I send him my phone number, I was called by one of his reporters.

She wanted to know if I could give him the name of the father in question and she was clearly perturbed by the idea that troops had already been deployed well before our engagement was announced by John Key.

I decided that I did not want to give the name of the gentleman who told me about his sons or the name of the Marae in order to protect the privacy and safety of the people in question so nothing much came of it. When I asked her what made them read my blog she said they liked to know what was going on which begs the question as to what the hell is going on in the news rooms of our biggest MSM outlets if they depend on blogs like mine to get some info as to what is happening in the middle East!

On 23/05/’15 I reported that according to the New York Times ISIS rebels had captured most of Iraq and had surrounded the Taji area. This is where NZ troops are stationed in what used to be called camp Cooke, now called camp Taji.

Today an article appeared in the NZ Herald. It not just confirms that NZ Troops are somewhat isolated and in terrible danger in Camp Taji where they are “training” Iraqi troops to fight ISIS (Even thought they seem to run away while outnumbering ISIS rebels in a clear sign they don’t want to fight ISIS). The article goes one step further than I did when I said that there was a corridor left to Baghdad.

The article states that they are completely isolated and can only escape if airlifted out of the camp. Especially now that ISIS “rebels” have “conquered” Ramadi and Palmyra.

The article quotes Dr Ron Smith, a University of Waikato researcher as saying that while he thought it was a good idea at the time, he changed his mind and now thinks it was a very bad idea to send troops to Iraq. I am glad he finally sees it my way!

The fact is that we have a 120 NZ troops in an isolated position without the means of defending themselves other than 101.

It is almost as if they were put there to be in harms way. A 120 of our troops perhaps to be slaughtered in order to draw in the big guns. If you don’t think  that could happen think again. It only took  the death of 4 Blackwater Mercenaries in Falluja to initiate the biggest massacre of the Iraqi war in April 2004 and the destruction of the entire city with DU bombs.

I personally hope John Key tears himself away from nude selfies with his son on Instagram long enough to get our troops out before ISIS gets to the camp or buys a Nuclear Bomb from Pakistan!

One thought on “NZ Herald Military Specialist Confirms: NZ Troops Sitting Ducks In Iraq, While John Key Takes Shirtless Selfies!!!

  1. Of course they have to read your Blog Eve, they’re worried about people not be believing their lies, and need to report back to their masters. It’s getting to the stage where only the wilfully ignorant could possibly believe the BS we are fed daily. Today I read that ISIS takeover of Ramadi had thrown Obama’s plans for the Middle East into disarray (or words to that effect). How does that even make it past the editors of our papers?

    So if you are reading this, what exactly are the 16,000 people at the world’s largest embassy doing? How did they miss a column of white Toyota’s passing across the desert from Syria, how does ISIS know exactly where senior Iraqi Army members live and target them in their homes, where are ISIS wounded treated. Where do the videos come from and why are they “faked” (INSITE Rita Katz). I could go on but will leave it to the “journalists” reading this.

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