Are They Using A New Type Of Nuclear Weapons in Syria Or Why We Really Don’t Want To Send Soldiers There!

With dangerous looking Maori Muslim activists and mad looking Pakeha Muslims on the front pages of our corporate owned MSM we are being prepared for anti activist terrorism laws and our participation in another illegal war of aggression against Syria ISIS. Here is John Key preparing us for a major speech tomorrow.

I’m sure there are some extremely unpleasant people running rampage around Iraq and Syria at them moment but with the odds being about a 100% we’re going to participate in the blood ritual called war  in Syria here are some things you might like to know.


American Journalist Serena Shim

Serena Shim

This week, an American journalist, Serena Shim, from Rochester Hills, Michigan, died in a mysterious accident in Turkey. The Press TV investigative reporter had been threatened by Turkish intelligence only hours earlier, after reporting that ISIL/ISIS was openly receiving military air, weapons, and fighters, through Turkey with the help of an American run NGO. (Non-Governmental Organization)

Last week, 22 members of America’s coalition met in Washington to discuss the ongoing air campaign against ISIL/ISIS. The result was a considerable ramping up of America’s bombing campaign, particularly against ISIL/ISIS outside Kobani.

Jihadist forces of the Islamic Republic had been operating openly, seemingly without fear of attack. That suddenly changed after the October 14, 2014 Washington conference.


New Weapons Over Syria

Media unfamiliar with advanced combat aircraft have recently misidentified American heavy bombers flying over Syria as smaller planes. Only when photos are enhanced are what appear to be F 18 Super Hornets shown to be what they really are — B1B eight-engine heavy bombers flying from Qatar.

Thus, when examining weapons delivery systems — be they cruise missiles, F 16s or carrier based aircraft — the new US base in Qatar, (home to a fleet of heavy bombers, both B 52s and B1B), has added a new aspect to US capabilities in the Middle East. Planes that previously flew from Diego Garcia, well into the Indian Ocean, now fly from Qatar.

These planes, some capable of massive bomb loads, are the ones seen over Syria.

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Has America “Nuked” Syria?

We asked Jeff Smith to analyze photographic evidence from the recent attack. This was his initial response:

“Not normal weapons, for sure.” Maybe thermite, white phosphor, thermobaric or nuke? The fireball and the plasmoids of hot metal fragments are most interesting. A Geiger counter and soil samples are the only way of telling for sure.

Normal explosions don’t have fireballs that last that long or are that big. Also spalding material is from the outer bomb casing. Iron or DU (Depleted Uranium) is red. Aluminum, phosphor, or magnesium is white spalding. Thermobarics are always red. Neutron bombs use aluminum casings and are always white.

The lack of a defined shock wave / blast front is a big clue. Most interesting.”

Smith cited that as a UN investigator he estimates that as many as 50 nuclear weapons have been used since 1945, including those used in Iraq and Afghanistan by US forces. Smith, as an investigator of NNP (Nuclear Non-Proliferation) issues says that Saudi Arabia has long had a nuclear arsenal, along with several other nations, such as Taiwan, South Korea and Brazil.

Our next question involved the estimated size of the Kobani explosion. This attack represents a significant development, as the possible use of advanced weapons inside Syria brings rise to political considerations.

“The weapon used in Kobani was bigger than 10 tons of TNT, up to 1kt if a neutron bomb or some other type of low yield enhanced radiation weapon was used. My guess is it is a test for micro nukes of some type, also called “uranium deuterium triggers.” An F-16 can’t make a bang that big with just one 1200 lb. bomb, unless it is “unconventional”. The same applies with any small missile warhead.”


2 thoughts on “Are They Using A New Type Of Nuclear Weapons in Syria Or Why We Really Don’t Want To Send Soldiers There!

  1. During WW2 the Germans developed two very high tech mini nukes one of which was intended for the V-2 rocket called the Schumann Trinks warhead. This used two Lithium cones enclosing a marble of uranium within a vacuum cavity. The lithium hollow charges imploded caused a plasma neutron flux to cause a 1 kiloton blast with a blast radius of 1000 metres.

    The other was a fuel Air explosive employing 40% coal dust with 60% Liquid oxygen. The coal dust was infused with unenriched uranium oxide and then enclosed in a paper mache ball impregnated with Deuterium enriched paraffin. immediately prior to use this weapon was irradiated with X-rays in a cyclotron converting the deuterium in the paraffin into Tritium.

    Both worked on what Germans called the Tesla principle which is really to do with charged particle physics.

    The United States has kept this German technology very quiet since WW2. By the addition of other elements one can also convert both the above bombs into miniature neutron bombs.

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