Are They Using A New Type Of Nuclear Weapons in Syria Or Why We Really Don’t Want To Send Soldiers There!

With dangerous looking Maori Muslim activists and mad looking Pakeha Muslims on the front pages of our corporate owned MSM we are being prepared for anti activist terrorism laws and our participation in another illegal war of aggression against Syria ISIS. Here is John Key preparing us for a major speech tomorrow. I’m sure there […]

More than one million people stopped and searched by police using anti-terror laws in just 12 months

The population of England was as per July 2008 60,943,912 souls. That means that the police searched more than 340 people a day. Just imagine being stopped and searched out of the blue on the street because another human being who happens to wear a funny blue uniform think you look “terroristic”. Of all those […]

Who the police were spying on

And you can add to that: Political blogs and other websites trying to inform people with news other than that condoned by the Mainstream media. ——————————— ANTI-BASES CAMPAIGN. Christchurch-based group “opposed to foreign military intelligence installations”, including the Deep Freeze base at Christchurch airport and intelligence stations at Tangimoana and Waihopai. AUCKLAND ANIMAL ACTION. Small […]