MP Steven Joyce Is Manipulating The Media Or Why I Added Mana News To My RSS Links

I have added Mana News to my RSS list as a bit of counter weight against the MSM who are totally co-opted by the National Government.


Last night the New Zealand Herald published Hilda Halkyard-Harawiras complaint letter to TV3. Within 3 hours the article was revoked  as the New Zealand Herald is not prepared to publish any articles that defend Hone Harawira. Recently I wrote an opinion piece that Hone was the target of a smear campaign by the New Zealand Herald with damning evidence. This is further evidence that the New Zealand Herald is unprepared to use objective journalism when it comes to Mana and only endorses the National Party.

Contacts of mine within the blogosphere have advised me that MP Steven Joyce the former CEO of mediaworks is manipulating the media, if an article is goes against National party propaganda he will ring up the media outlet and make threats until the article is repealed. I fear this outcome is to protect the career of TV3 reporter Tova Obrien a good friend of MP Judith Collins.

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