The Serious Fraud Squad Should Investigate John Key and Merrill Lynch’s Involvement With the Cullen Fund!

Around the world Pension funds are being exposed as underfunded and unable to cope with demand. In 2002 a Merrill Lynch investment and wealth management banker named Ira Bing took place on the first board of Guardians of a new founded Sovereign Wealth fund we now call “the Cullen fund”.

He stayed on the board of the Cullen fund until 2005. According to Der Spiegel it was in 2002 especially that several investment banks started to sell their crap to sovereign wealth funds all over the world and make no mistake Merrill Lynch was one of the biggest players in that market:

Around 2002 in particular, various investment banks offered complex financial products with which governments could push part of their liabilities into the future

Merrill Lynch ended up putting $ 75 trillion of faulty and fraudulent Derivatives on the taxpayers of America’s shoulders. In September 2008 just before his election as New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key visited his former bosses who told him the extend of the losses.

The last couple of weeks the news of wide spread manipulation of the LIBOR rates has appeared in the mainstream news. It appears the have been held artificially low since 2008 starving sovereign wealth funds from the interest and return on their investments.

Our Prime Minister knows how important the LIBOR is (Our own currency is pegged at the LIBOR rate) for Pension funds and other financial institutions and we have yet to hear a single comment on the issue.

I think its time the serious fraud squad takes a look at what is easily the most heinous financial crime against humanity ever and what role our Prime Minister is playing in the New Zealand connection.

You think that is far fetched? The Icelandic Prime Minister who was in no way involved in any banking adventures was convicted of gross negligence in the aftermath of the Icelandic banking collapse and there is a posse out to retrieve and arrest bankers involved in the collapse and this week three Irish bankers involved in Financial scandals has been arrested.

One banker who was once heralded as a hero for enabling the greatest bubble in Ireland, a bubble John Key has been very involved in when he moved the bonds and Derivatives department of Merrill Lynch from London to Ireland.

I’m not joking here!

8 thoughts on “The Serious Fraud Squad Should Investigate John Key and Merrill Lynch’s Involvement With the Cullen Fund!

  1. I find it disgusting that our identity has been stolen and that we are a number traded on the stock market

  2. SFS are as useless as ‘tits on a bull’ I made a request asking them to investigate a $60 million fraud within our tribal trust. The reply received was ‘everything was above board, and they saw no reason to investigate’, bearing in mind that this money belonged to owners of the tribe, who were unaware of the undertakings of the Trust at the time, until it was too late..$$$$’s invested in bad business this report doesn’t surprise me at all!

    • I have absolutely no faith in the SFS. It was more a way of pointing out that what happened and is still happening is a predesigned scam to defraud th NZ people out of their hard eanrted earnings promising them a pension that will never materialize!

  3. How come the Serious Fraud Squad doesn’t do anything about the LIBOR crime ,they just fined a couple of international airlines with price fixing .LIBOR is no different from what I understand.

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