The Serious Fraud Squad Should Investigate John Key and Merrill Lynch’s Involvement With the Cullen Fund!

Around the world Pension funds are being exposed as underfunded and unable to cope with demand. In 2002 a Merrill Lynch investment and wealth management banker named Ira Bing took place on the first board of Guardians of a new founded Sovereign Wealth fund we now call “the Cullen fund”. He stayed on the board […]

These Countries were not Profligate, They were Sold a Fraudulent Product!

Bill Moyers, Matt Taibbi and Yves Smith on why Greece, Spain and all the countries whose financial stability is currently collapsing. When it starts to happen to us here is what National under Wall street banker John Key has been building up even after John Key was “Shocked” to find his old bank to be […]

Breaking: Did Merrill Lynch set up the Cullen fund? Meet Ira Bing!

I was writing an article about the Cullen fund and the superannuation age of 65 and why John Key would want to keep it at 65 while the whole country can see the writing on the wall. While I was doing research for this post I tried to find out who were the financial advisors […]