Max and Stacy 319 : Yelly Fish + Rat = Banker or Why We Should Investigate the Cullen Fund Now

As usual Max and Stacey nail it with their show. Something they touch on today is something I have been writing about recently: How all of a sudden all these pensions funds, now that they have to start to support the babyboomers who thought they had been wise to invest in all these newfangled safe financial products are finding out that they are grossly underfunded!

As I found out the Cullen fund had on its initial board of Guardians a Merrill Lynch banker. Merrill Lynch, the bank John Key made his money in with the same Bonds and Derivatives now collapsing the global economy, ended up with $ 75 trillion of crap on its books witch the bank of America now owning Merrill Lynch tried to foist on the US tax payer. My guess is that the Cullen fund is going to come out with the same announcement. Which is I guess why John Key and Bill English do not want to talk about raising the pension age. That would lead to closer inspection of the fund exposing the fraud while one of the banksters involved in it is still in power.

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