More that 20.000 Unique Kiwi Visitors!

Today according to my stat counter I breached the 20.000 unique Kiwi IP address visitors. Awesome!!!

Between 60 and 80 new Kiwis find my blog everyday and I have found my blog at the 39th place of  a list of Kiwi blogs  last month. It seems to me that there is a whole bunch of people who want to know what the hell is going on in the real world instead of the cotton candy they read in the MSM.

Kiwi readers only represent 45% (more or less) and I will reach the 45.000 barrier globally in about 12 days at the rate my blog is developing.

I’m proud. I’m proud of my blog but even more I’m proud of the people who are out there looking for the truth and want to learn and I hope that with what is after all still a tiny blog in the global scale of things this blog I can help you to learn and become active in what is arguable one of the most interesting times ever.

Evelien Gilbert

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