Open Letter To National Voters: You Wanted This Deal, Now Live With It.

Dear National voters,

Look at this bunch, long and hard. They are wearing their elite gang colors and when the TPPA activates you are going to start wishing for the days of the biker gangs. Them’s sweethearts compared to this lot.

You will long for the days that all you had to complain about was them bennies nicking your money, them Maoris just wanting more, a couple of youngsters tagging your wooden fence in you prissy little suburbs, with your shiny new houses, bought with money printed out of nowhere, for which you are still paying extortionist interests, while you lose your jobs as the economy gets looted by John Key and his banking mates through this shiny new trade deal. You’ve been given beads and blankets for your land and your real world wealth.

When the homeless hordes start roaming, a stolen farm bike or a sheep are the least of your worries.

There will be no law and order to protect you from the gangsters you voted in. There will be no rhyme or reason when John Key’s transnational masters swoop in and start looting what is left of this country. There will be no refuge when mixed transnational armies bought and paid for by your new masters come to subdue resistance.

When your nearest and dearest start dying of hunger, lack of medicines or heating they will have the loud party next door celebrating they can nick your land and other assets for cents on the dollar. When your friends and family start dying of the cancers their poisons spread and the fish disappear because Fukushima finally reaches your shores you will know an anguish you would not wish on your worst enemies.

When your village drowns in toxins from fracking they’ll be circling to take the drags while your children die and your cattle can no longer feed of the land.

When their bosses call, they will send your kids into their godforsaken wars and if you think you can call on the “treaty” to protect you they will laugh and it will sound like a pack of hellish hyenas.

And then you will know that hell has come to earth, not for them little black people in them deserts over there with that “dangerous” religion but for you, the good, honest, hardworking, white middle classes and you will know what it means to have no options, no matter how hard you work. You will know what it means to be a tenant on the land you once owned. You will know what it means to be driven off, used and abused, and left for dead while you try to make sense of what just happened.

Hitler was voted in but trust me, even he will begin to look good when this lot get going! But don’t worry, John Key says it’s going to be OK. Nothing to see here, move along, go back to sleep.

Welcome to the New World Order! You wanted it. Now live with it.

16 thoughts on “Open Letter To National Voters: You Wanted This Deal, Now Live With It.

  1. NO ONE SAYS IT BETTER Eve better than you ,Desolation Row a song to go with it for our salvation as we all lose our country

    • Nationhood.
      Smilin so you believe that an undisclosed agreement is lawful a done deal? Who signed what?
      A corporation has no reasoning mind and cannot sign anything.
      No employee of a corporation( Gosner) cannot sign a contract on behalf of the corporation. It is not binding agreement as it is unlawful.
      PS Lucky for you Smilin that your ‘salvation’ does not depend on a corporation which is fictitious entity.

      • I would agree with you. This is an illegal and odious “treaty” and above all desperate attempt of the “ruling” elite to maintain control and loot the globe once more. However, while the wars in the middle east are without exception illegal wars of aggression by our illegally governing elite, in a world were might is right there will still be a lot of suffering and I think that is what Smiling and I are referring too. I most certainly am!

        • Agreed .There is so much needless suffering now.
          I am just unsure if us all Imagining a future of ‘desolation’ serves humanity well, it is giving up on a mass waking up of people in the world, believing that the undisclosed TPPA is anything but what it is a “void contract” /absolute crap.
          It is only our mass consent, like this unwitting acceptance of the TPPA done just because the media told us, that is all that makes it so. If everyone knew it was not a done deal and was actually void and null then that would be the state of the TPPA. Look how quick everyone rolled over.
          This is the reason why the oligarchy main weapon is mind programming.TV media & Hollywood’s predictive programming.

      • How you can aconitate that from the powerless position we are in as a nation to get the gains propagandised by our negotiators in this spin loaded deal really makes me wonder if you guys can see an historical relationship to the same conditions that brought the crash of the thirties or the blip in 1987 and the huge pr exercise in 2008 to cover up the previous 20yrs of uncontrolled power given to the finance corporations to govern governments with governments creating false value for powers controlling the monetary system -the banks have no money only credit based on petrodollars and huge buildings and a load of pr bs which is running out fast and the cause of the mess in the middle east
        “They got our oil but its under their land” and the same goes for TPPA – N A need a secure guaranteed customer base on the Pacific rim equal to or greater than China ,it aint going to happen no matter what we do.The next agreement will be directly with China. Key got that right whether he has been aware of it being the out come when TPPA FAILS TO DELIVER

        • In fact the people of NZ as a prty in this agreement don’t have negotiators.
          *Bank(sters) are totally self regulated, they create money from nothing, they don’t just use credit from “petrodollars & huge buildings”. These big self regulating banksters don’t tell you when their companies/banks are insolvent. They make their debt a “profit” on paper, give themselves bonuses and get the debt slaves to bailout them out while they cut jobs, health services and social welfare.
          As the TPPA appears to be said to be delivering the nation on a platter to the banking cabal’s mega corporations.China already got its finger in the NZ pie.

  2. For all people of NZ that are not employees of the Crown’s corporation there is no agreement.
    No contract.
    For corporate slaves there was and so these slaves will believe the media that there has been a agreement and contract (without disclosure).
    These slaves( voters) are believers and they eat up the corporation’s ministers arrogant ignorant comments as though as a public servant he can speak to them like that (as though he has not just committed treason).
    The resources by law do not belong to the corporation.
    Believing their lies helps co creates their reality.

    • They are so corrupt they are celebrating an undisclosed document that is unlawful to which there was no agreement.
      Basic contract, and corporate law, demands disclosure, agent Jane Kelsey tried to spin the non disclosure as an ” information imbalance” . Kelsey the betrayer has not explained why she delayed 5 yrs to file (in the wrong court) without making the people of NZ the effected party – co applicants.
      And now all these other self declared “spokespeople” who have not read the TPPA are talking about how good it is for NZ industry. If enough people are convinced by the media of the validity of the invalid fraud/TPPA to possibly loose IP, nationhood and be eaten up by the bankster’s mega corporate trade monopoly model. Wiki leaks is Washington’s cia funded for a way to release unverified info fast to the public -so the actual TPPA could be a lot worse… but the effected party, people of NZ , do not know.
      Its a crazy unlawful deception.

      • I agree if you are saying the Crown’s corporation has no sovereignty , no lawful mandate to represent the people of NZ or the nation and that it is fraud.
        The TPPA is an agreement (a contract)of which the people of NZ are the effected party in this agreement ( which is a contract) in law. This is why the TPP(Agreement) had to be disclosed, it was leaked by CIA’s wikileaks (an unverified source). This is also why the Fabian Society’s Jane Kelsey deliberately munted all the legal action pertaining to disclosure, delayed 5yrs and then refused to give notice or to list the people of NZ as ‘co applicants’ (a party) in the TPPA in the Crown’s “legal system” .

  3. So will increase politics ( unaccountable & irresponsible ) decision making in all levels of society by 5X, 10X for an unprecedented level of chaos & calamity in the modern western world.

    Sort of like a bizarre experiment of global totalitarian Communuism except no one’s really in charge to manage anything outside the theoretical model of far away Corporation centric ‘think tank’ procedures & ideas being misapplied in making all kinds of problems worse.

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