From The Mouth Of A Trader: All Trading Is Based On Fraud. All Traders Are Financial Terrorists

Max Keiser, TV host of the Keiser report has never made a secret of his criminal activities on Wall street. Why would he? Everybody else did it and it was the business model on which Wall street was based right from the start.

Here is Max Keiser himself, talking at the Erasmus university in Rotterdam recently. He goes into detail about the scams him and his trader mates made tons of money in. He explains how people like John Key operated and why he is so dangerous and instrumental getting us to accept the TPPA.

When he started on Wall street in the early 80s he describes being a trader as a bad job prospect which turned into a major bull market where traders fired up by booze and coke made hundreds of thousands of dollars per week. They did so by investing in stocks and selling the profitable ones to their customers and their losses to corporations who needed to cut back their taxable profits. Both earned them huge bonuses and Max Keiser tells us that basically $ 0.90 from every $ 1 came to the traders.

John Key, you might remember, worked for a bank called Bankers Trust bank from ’87 to ’95 as a money and derivatives trader until that bank collapsed as a result of being exposed as predatory bank engaging in exactly the kind of behaviour Max Keiser talks about. After that He was head hunted by Merrill Lynch where he said up the bonds and Derivatives trade doing exactly the same but on a much grander scale. The bank had to be sold to Bank of America where John Key now holds most of his paper wealth making his Prime Ministerial role her one of a major conflict of interest.


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