WWIII, The Next Phase: Russia Starts Bombing ISIS?

That didn’t take long. Russia is keeping to its word. China has arrived. 120 or so Kiwi, men and women are in the middle of all of this and while the TPPA And TTIP negotiations are descending into mayhem with countries pulling out and people protesting the global corporate take over the war propaganda is reaching a new Crescendo! WWIII is hotting up into the next phase.

Here is the Propaganda piece of this morning in the daily mail!


Russia begins air strikes in Syria after warning the US to remove its planes… but targets anti-government rebels instead of ISIS – including ‘CIA-backed rebel group receiving American anti-tank missiles’

  • Moscow has started blitzing three provinces in support of President Assad
  • But all the areas targeted are held by moderate rebels backed by coalition
  • Strikes have infuriated Washington who accused Moscow of destabilising the region even further – U.S. apparently only given hour notice of strikes
  • At least 36 civilians had been killed in the strikes, says monitoring group

Russian jets have begun airstrikes in Syria after apparently only giving the U.S. an hour to remove its planes and officials from the area.

The Russian Defence Ministry said it carried out about 20 flights over Syria today but concerns were raised that they were only targeting anti-government rebels, many of whom are backed by the U.S.-led coalition, instead of ISIS-held areas.

Reports suggest that a CIA-vetted Syrian Rebel group that was receiving U.S. missiles was also among the targets, while Syrian opposition chief Khaled Khoja said 36 civilians had been killed.

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14 thoughts on “WWIII, The Next Phase: Russia Starts Bombing ISIS?

  1. So if Russia gives itself permission to invade and bomb Syria and the media says Putin is not an evil tool like Obama everyone thinks its valid ? Yes clearly this is pro war propaganda, it is a way for Washington to escalate the war and to bomb certain groups funded by the usa as Washington can’t be seen bombing them or completely destabilizing the area directly.

    • ‘So if Russia gives itself permission to invade and bomb Syria and the media says Putin is not an evil tool like Obama everyone thinks its valid ?’

      That seems to be a very hypothetical situation, so it is hard to guess what everyone would think is ‘valid’?

      The permission of Russia’s current involvement is quite well known to be granted by the current govt. there. That current govt. is banned from the West in being involved in any political solutions, due to it’s widespread majority support that is has among it’s populace (that hadn’t fled the Western violent intervention, so one could probably assume also that it’s refugee population from the violence would be even more inclined to support the Asad govt’s stand against the violence that has driven them out if returned).

      Also i am pretty sure that the majority of the Western media would not have been supportive of Russia’s recent direct involvement in Syria, or that it potrays the West’s ongoing involvement as evil.

      So pretty much completely hypothetical on all counts to what was asked and then self answered.

      As to the rather typical (for political types) cut and paste cherry picking of the word ‘valid’ in reference to being in support of the bombing in Syria by the Russian involvement, from a prior post, it was of course quite clearly in terms of the ongoing Western involvement, and so defined as ‘RELATIVE’.

      This is an illustration of the emptiness of the approach to most issues, that stems from ending up as being competitions of who has the most knowledge, in relation to alot of the developed world’s problems & mismanagement. In that sense, my blog opinions are sand just as much as others, but that again is a ‘relative’ thing so probably am alone in holding that view of one’s own posts in this talkback.

      • But you said it was “valid” .Its a media spin.
        I disagreed that the Russian invasion ,occupation and bombing of Syria was “valid” and I stand by that. I see it for what it is- dirty deceit used to escalate and completely destabilize the area by the banking cabal.

        Everything is relative. We could get away with saying that the Russian bombing and escalation is related to Washington’s bombing of Syria. Sure its related as it is a deliberate joint escalation in the region to completely destabilize, create chaos, convince the world that ww3 has started.
        I noted Russia is pre communicating its attacks in Syria to Washington.
        Russia invaded Afghanistan before the usa, Assad aided usa.

        Putin is no hero he is just like Obama, you can use the word evil is you like for both they are both doing the needless – only the media are painting Putin as a hero and Obama as a bad guy. Putin’s escalated a war and is bombing the shit out of Syria and yet he’s painted as a hero.
        Two polar enemies created by the banksters media for a ww3, fools will fight for and support the banksters causes only if they believe them, they needed a good guy they created ‘Putin’ . People now call the destruction of Syria, removal of Palestinian refugees and fleeing of millions of other refugees a “victory” . Same idiotic people that thought there was a WOMD and supported the invasion of Afghanistan based on media lies. Same lie/cause victory of the heroes over the bad guy. But both hero and villain are the warmongers/banksters actors.

        Just so you know, as you are pretending to be naive, the banking cabal are not “banned ” from playing politics in Syria. Washington put Assad there and he is still their man.

        • By this logic I’m assuming this same banking cabal of which you speak, was pretty down in the dumps about Libya or Iraq not being supported by Russia or someone else with loads of Nukes, in fighting it’s native ‘freedom fighters’ supported by the West in order to start ww3 & mutual global destruction?

          ehh, anyhow, each to their own.

          • You are not using logic at all.
            The banking cabal down in the dumps with war, infrastructure destruction, refugees and destabilizing by escalation?
            No the banksters love that.

            As they manufactured and control the nukes they built, provided and sold to any “party ” at the top, and they feel they can destroy what they want.
            Putin has told the Russian people if you work in weapons manufacturing you will be exempt from the draft!
            But don’t feel bad most people have been told to think this cause of Russia bombing Syria is “valid” . Logic(?) based on usa funding terrorists and targets that they can’t be seen intensively bombing whereas Russia does it (coordinating with Washington) and ” is “valid”.Logic eh.

  2. The UN is not a peace keeping organization it works for the NWO.
    It has constantly maintained Washington’s wars as that is its real role.

    Its all a show of Washington, creating fictitious enemies( Putin & Xi) for the merchant bankers that are funding and profiting off all the war & chaos. Putin is just playing the “hero” he does not say anything that has not already been released online.You can’t have a WW3 without made up enemies.

    The UN’s agenda 2030 for a centralized global govt is using environmental memes and fear mongering to try to make people join the Pope’s religion of ” man made climate change” .
    A fabricated lie that man made warming has occurred by just C02 emissions . The geoengineering, weather manipulation and chemtrails is ignored in this pope’s religion, as is the huge methane bursts. Beware of anyone who slings around environmental memes (and the words “sustainable” ), green and talks about control of the ocean .

    • The Validity of opinions and actions are usually comparatively inversely proportional to the extent that they need to be forced onto other people.

      Opinions and actions that go against this, are usually full of personal insults and intolerance, emotive stereotypes & seek to dominate.

      In regards to Russian violence in Syria, they invited co-operation at the UN and are operating with the support or the invitation of the host country’s govt. The western side’s approach to violence in Syria has been very exclusively and is done so without the authorisation of the host country, who’s societal construct is being destroyed by their esculation of violence, which they also has quite a recent history of having done so elsewhere. So, in the case, the Russian violence in the situation is relatively more valid.

      Green political environmentalism is of course based on drowning out all other voices, & full of emotive stereotypes & slander for expression at odds with it’s own. It will never experience a fully sustainable and fully integrated environmental consciousness in a thriving society, at best it will know only environmental mirages. It’s replacement of real societal environmental goals has lead to things like the calamity Nuclear situation of Fuku in that Industry, the global chemical spraying and weather weaponry etc all Indicative of Industry’s having no worries from significant public oversight and carrying through with total extinction type level of irresponsibility invitational beginnings 😦

      • The UN are a bullshit organisation that do nothing, they have child rapists and mercenaries on their payroll.

        The people of Syria did not authorize a war or escalation of action against civilians. They had, and still have, no protection or peace from the UN.
        As it is Washington’s war , Russian bombs being dropped the war is no more valid than the other troops, troops that the merchant bankers funded to invade, occupy and cause mayhem.
        I guess you can’t get your head around the fact the NWO need to make the Russian vs usa (WW3) in Syria appear as “valid” . Yet the violence and war in Syria is not valid, its not anymore valid than any of the other bankster wars.
        As BDBinc said Washington ( the NWO) can’t have a war WW3 without first making up enemies (and trying to validate it with a made up cause).
        Increasing violence and destroying their nation is not a “valid” response to what is happening in Syria. Political lies at the UN are free flowing, and the UN’s actions speak louder that its pathological lies in its press releases. The UN sanctioning of bankster wars is nothing new.

        • Russian and US warplanes are bombing the same country.
          Putin is just the mainstream media darling (“hero”), he works for the same team.
          How else can they get people mentally compliant( alseep) enough to say that Putin’s invasion and bombing of Syria is “”valid”.
          Guess Putin will get the Nobel prize (just like Obama) for his “humanitarian bombing”.

      • @Nik that sort of language: “total extinction” bla bla bla, more Industry regulation by the corporation, “sustainability” regulation by Rockefeller funded CRO’s working for your local council, reg by “govts” that work for industry!! , Calamity, bla bla bla, fearmonger = this is the voice of the new world order enviro “mentalists”.

        What sh*t ! no one (that is not vegetating with a feeding tube full of mainstream’s poop) thinks Putin bombing Syria is any more ” valid” than Obama bombing Syria!!
        Putin is helping Washington (who cannot be seen directly bombing ISIS & ” good terrorists” they work with & fund).

  3. “The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant No. 2 nuclear reactor fuel is missing from the core containment vessel. (Source: Up to 100% of No. 2 Reactor Fuel May Have Melted, NHK World News, Sept. 25, 2015.)

    Where did it go? Nobody knows……………………..

    ……………High-level nuclear waste is almost unimaginably poisonous. Take for example cesium-137, with a half-life of 30 years, which makes up the largest fraction of long-lived radionuclides residing in spent nuclear fuel. One gram of radioactive cesium-137 (about half the size of a dime) contains 88 Curies of radioactivity. 104 Curies of radioactive cesium-137, spread evenly over one square mile of land, will make it uninhabitable for more than a century,………………………………………………………..
    ………………………………Meanwhile, the “world information system aka: Internet” is crowded with stories about melting starfish in the Pacific Ocean, dumbfounded whales, and massive animal deaths enough so that people start connecting the dots in expectation that Fukushima radiation is omnipresent; however, to date, most of the evidence is labeled conjecture by various mainstream parties………………………………………………………………………………………………Nobody knows whether Fukushima morphs full meltdown into Mother Earth, although the signposts are not good, and not only that but nobody knows what to do about it. Nobody knows what to do. They really don’t.

    The only thing for certain is that it’s not good. Going forward, it becomes a matter of how bad things get.”


    This accident happened in 2011……do we have an entire hyper toxic nuclear core melted down and slowly draining/leeching or having done so into the pacific ocean? Nearly five years later……..no one knows.

    At least the Soviet Empire was capable of dealing with Chernobyl, for all the bellyhoo environmentalistic rhetoric that goes on, here we are, nearly 5 years later, & no one really knows or acknowledges with a wait and see approach at best that threatens an entire ocean’s life.

    • That’s why NZ is considered a lifeboat for the European and American elites, When the crap hits the fan big time they will be down here in a flash with the help of their mobsters, the military. The queen and her firm practice a bug out evacuation in preparation for such an event, Zara Phillips owns a cul de sac of mansions just out of Stratford which is among many other enclaves hidden in plain view within NZ.

  4. ISIS type stuff comes from Industrial civil war at source.

    Am not a supporter of things like TPPA & TTIP, will only serve to make politics more stupid in administration areas, which is dangerous due to centralised role.

    All these ‘brave new world’ plans, & no one has anything to say or has any money for the melted down nuclear reactor leaking into the pacific for years beyond the private ‘key stone cops’ Japanese firm cover ups; with the only thing known about effect of with it’s hyper by the thousands pontiated radiactive poison(due to cost cutting), is that for all intense and purposes, the effects are going to be PERMANENT.

    The UN fails because it pushes agendas and ideologs, instead of being a diplomatic culture of nations & International forums making politics & Industry smarter in greater common ground opportunities.

    • The UN is corrupt and evil.
      It was never a peace keeper and if you thought it was did you never question it ….just by what a smack up job it does of maintaining the constant invasions and wars? The child rapists peacekeepers still on the UN’s pay role ?

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