On Prince Harry, Afghanistan, Iraq And Other Misbegotten Wars John Key Wants Us To Get Into.

Yesterday, Prime Minister John Key announced that “Prince” “I love the Army” Harry will arrive in New Zealand in May. It was a very timely announcement as Harry, who is leaving the army after 10 years, is a popular lad and John Key can do with some distracting “royal” entertainment.

Previous to his visit to New Zealand Harry will be propping up Tony Abbott’s waning popularity as he is also being pummelled in the popularity stakes.

Princes don’t pop up just because the take a gap year. Princes work full time for “the firm” that is the royal family, no matter what their hobby job is and their job is to create that happy feeling you get when you see your favourite boy strolling down the street having only eyes for you. And Harry sure is a strapping and unattached lad. And while his brother portrays the doting family man drawing the older generations in, Harry is very useful in attracting another segment of the population.

You see it is also their job to generate man crushes and there is nobody better at doing that than Prince Harry! A handsome man, popular with the women but also a man’s man, a helicopter gunner killing “terrorists” coming back from Afghanistan supporting wounded vets (who unlike him did not have a team of personal bodyguards protecting him while he was killing people in Afghanistan), helping little black orphans in Africa and travelling to the North pole with a bunch of other rich and famous males being a lad among lads. And let’s not forget his antics in Las Vegas! What a guy!!!  Someone you’d love to have beer with standing around the barbie talking Rugby and shit.

So if princes begin to show up somewhere it is safe to assume they do so for a very good reason! So what is on the cards for Australia and New Zealand?

In an article at RT today it was announced that ISIS is taking over the role of the Taliban in Afghanistan. (Amazing how this group of ragtag religious rebels gets around providing reasons for us to go to war again, isn’t it?) and we all know what happens if ISIS gets in the game! In fact the article quotes the UN Security council on this and of course we have joined the ranks of that noble institution and what their saying is always true! And of course the US which intended to “leave” Afghanistan in 2016 now has seconds thoughts about that.

The US administration does realize the dangers of leaving Afghanistan all alone against the growing terror threat and might slow the process of withdrawing the remaining troops, the Associated Press reported on Saturday. With 10,000 American troops currently deployed to Afghanistan, Washington intended to decrease this number to 5,500 by the end of 2015 and withdraw all the troops completely by the end of Barack Obama’s second presidential term in 2016.

New Zealanders have never protested their involvement with the “peace”and “rebuilding” efforts in Afghanistan and it is my guess that while John Key’s announcement that we have to be part of the “club”and join the regime change in Syria anti-ISIS efforts in Iraq backfired, costing him a lot of brownie points with National voters, a return to Afghanistan will be a lot easier!

I reckon that in the coming months they will start promoting Harry’s superman status and ramping up the recruitment efforts. Especially in WINZ offices and other places, where poor people have to go to get some form of income, when their zero hour contracts fail to provide an income!

More cannon fodder for the empire! Harry’s grandmother will be proud of him!


3 thoughts on “On Prince Harry, Afghanistan, Iraq And Other Misbegotten Wars John Key Wants Us To Get Into.

  1. Theres just another new kid in town and how much is this going to cost the taxpayer another mil like his dad to bolster Keys ego god help us cos Godzone is going to hell like 100 yrs ago

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