John Key Is The Biggest Eco-Terrorist

Thank you Steve Abel for telling it like it is!


I woke up at 4.30am this morning incensed by John Key calling the infant formula blackmailer an eco-terrorist. Whatever the rationale of the reckless idiot who threatened to put 1080 in infant formula, Key’s use of it as a chance to take a swipe at the environment movement by implying that person is driven by environmental motives was scurrilous and it reminded me of who the real eco-terrorist is in this country.

Eco-terrorism is watching fresh water quality decline and rivers turn toxic while pushing the expansion of destructive irrigation and dirty dairying.

Eco-terrorism is giving away vast tracts of our territorial oceans to foreign oil companies to do risky deep sea drilling with zero process for public input.

Eco-terrorism is underfunding biosecurity so that Queensland fruit fly can even get into NZ in the first place.

Eco-terrorism is refusing to expand the sanctuary of the world’s rarest dolphin of which there are only 55 left.

Eco-terrorism is gutting the Resource Management Act even more, so that cutting down 500 year old Kauri trees gets even easier.

Eco-terrorism is allowing New Zealand’s last remaining limestone escarpment ecology on the West Coast (Denniston Plateau) to be destroyed by an Aussie coal mining company.

Eco-terrorism is completely failing to institute a strategy for reducing New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions and expanding our clean innovation capability while climate change hammers the world with extreme storms droughts and wildfires.

Eco-terrorism is spending multiple billions of dollars on new unnecessary motorways and a pittance on public transport and urban cycle-ways and pedestrians.

Eco-terrorism is allowing oil and gas frackers to waste millions of litres of fresh water and spread toxic waste over farmland in Taranaki.

Eco terrorism is not funding the Department of Conservation enough that they can use 1080 and put in place other pest management and eradication strategies to properly protect our invaluable native forests and species.

John Key is New Zealand’s number one eco-terrorist .

One thought on “John Key Is The Biggest Eco-Terrorist

  1. Every word you write shockingly true
    Suppose Key in his psychotic sense of humor thought Eco Terrorism meant Economic One of those Geo Bush moments which he has a lot of

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