11.000 Disabled Children Lose Welfare Benefit. Welcome To Agenda 21.

A Child Poverty Action Group report on disabled children, launched in Auckland today, said children supported by the child disability allowance almost trebled from 17,600 in 1998 to 45,800 in 2009, but were then cut back to just 34,500 last June.

The cut has been achieved both by tightening criteria and by simply not publicising the allowance. NZHerald

Most of the money in our economy is created by banks, in the form of bank deposits – the numbers that appear in your account. Banks create new money whenever they make loans. 97% of the money in the economy today is created by banks, whilst just 3% is created by the government. Positive Money.

While banks create money out of thin air and bonuses sky rocket to keep up with the rate of money creation 11.000 children in New Zealand will lose the little money their parents need to stay on top of their work load and the extra time and medication needed to manage their children’s disabilities.

While most people see this as a callous act of an uncaring local government it pays to read some of the documents that led to the Agenda 21 extermination trajectory countries around the world are forced to follow.

This is not about saving money and fighting ballooning healthcare costs. Money, as it is currently created, is a fraud and while the banks are stealing us blind with their scam they are killing the frail and the vulnerable because “the planet is full” and who needs “useless” eaters!

4 thoughts on “11.000 Disabled Children Lose Welfare Benefit. Welcome To Agenda 21.

  1. My case and point on the non existence of a democracy is that there is a inside trading illuminati bansker (smilin assassin )playing the role of PM as the people do not question it or think about it and so consent/ let him. The people did not even chose him for a PM candidate, in the the corporate election process he did not even get a majority vote (in a possibly rigged election!?).
    The whole govt is a big fraud and is only still there as people do not understand and are “asleep”. People, by not questioning or by being ignorant, are the only thing keeping other people in this debt slavery system.

  2. Yes the disease is in every piece of banking info advertising infecting the minds of those who are powerless to do anything about it as individuals or have sufficient collective power to hold these purveyors of disease to account because our democracy is rigged in the favour of those who have made money the power not the vote or the right to decide how they can use what they have of value we are always paying those who already have enough to survive because living for most is a struggle and its often comes to who you know not what u know that achieves a universal quality of life

    • Smiling{Only we don’t have a democracy}

      The mind conditioning dis empowering people starts with instilling an unquestioning false belief system (and obedience to authority) as a child in school.
      This is where we are told we don’t have power -which is a belief the NAA want us to hold.
      We have the power- only we have been deeply mind conditioned to think we do not.

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