Is Mark Textor Working For Fairfax Or Is Fairfax Working For Mark Textor?

Last week when driving to a bigger town near me I did as I do not too often because NZ talk radio makes me puke more often than not, I listened to talk radio and this time my barf response reached a new high. Three gentleman, two of the elder Pakeha persuasion and a Maori gentleman where discussing how John Key had been so brave in standing up to the Press pack and had won the day by repeating the talking points drummed into him by that great PR guru he hired for the occasion. The PR guru was even mentioned by name as a welcome guest and waddayaknow? It turned out to be non other than the guy we all love to hate so much; Mark Textor.

That tidbit of MSM information kept sort of worming its way back into my consciousness accompanied by the aforementioned barf response and I decided to do a quick search once again  just to see what would turn up.

Well… for those of you intrigued by the unanimous reverence for our dear leader and the equally unanimous condemnation of the leader of the opposition here is a juicy bit of information. According to Mark Textor’s Wiki page he writes for Fairfax media.

In September 2012, 2013, and 2014 Textor has continued his work with Fairfax now writing for The Australian Financial Review.

The same Fairfax so virulently involved in trashing Kim Dotcom, Hone Harawira, Labour and the Greens!

Here is my observation about this. Mark Textor is one of the most vile and sought after strategic minds on a global scale. His services cost millions but his costumers reckon its worth it! So it is reasonable to assume he is not a desk jockey writing little pieces on cupcakes and fashion shows.

The magnitude of Textor being paid by Fairfax for his services can only mean one thing. They need his strategic mind too. And they wanted National to win.

With the concerted effort of every opinion writer from Fran O’Sullivan to John Armstrong smearing detracting and opinion manipulation it would be naive to think that these people are free to write what they wanted. I have a sneaky suspicion that Mark Textor is standing behind them dictating them what to write.

With Mark Textor at the rudder of our entire 4th estate who decides on when what story is being published such as the Reserve bank doing a bit Quantitative Easing or the Milk price going down the tubes?  Who is working for who and how much are  our journalist and opinion writer obliged to write their masters Vote National blurps?

How is that election result feeling people? Feeling manipulated into voting for scumbags yet?

3 thoughts on “Is Mark Textor Working For Fairfax Or Is Fairfax Working For Mark Textor?

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    • You mean all those nice guys like Sean Pluncket who positively adore Mark Textor’s contributions in coaching John Key to play the cracked record when fronting the press pack (Talk radio’s host description of journalists trying to get a word out of a well trained and coached John Key.) Thanks for confirming my story here

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