Why Is The Leader Of The US Republicans Meeting With The Galiph Of ISIS?

While John Key is preparing to send Kiwi soldiers to Iraq and Syria you might be interested to find who the leader of the US was meeting with not so long ago.

A Twitter storm is taking the world at the moment as two photos of John McCain meeting with so called Syrian freedom fighters has emerged and is spreading along the internet. The photos show John McCain in the company of non other than the man who later became know globally as the Galiph of ISIS Ibrahim Al-Baghdadi!

The aim is to have John McCain arrested for the treasonous scumbag that he is and I suggest anybody who can talk to John Key tell him what is happening and to stay clear of the treasonous march to war while his mates are at risk of being arrested and sentenced for treason!

Here is Webster Tarpley the eminent historian going into detail about the meeting between Galiph Baghdadi and John McCain!

If you want to help call for McCain’s arrest twitter your demand under #ArrestMcCain4ISIS and start sharing it with your mates on Facebook


One thought on “Why Is The Leader Of The US Republicans Meeting With The Galiph Of ISIS?

  1. The reason that McCain was meeting with ISIS leaders was the US objective to oust Assad. Sibel Edmonds is an excellent source for the background on the relationship between Muslim extremists and US security policy, which goes back to the formation of Al Qaeda from the mujahideen.

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