And The Winner Is: Goldman Sachs Or Why I won’t Waste Any Time On The US Elections

Already huge numbers of complaints about voter fraud are beginning to pour in as the US population goes through the puppet show they call the elections. Obama shed a tear and Anne (for those of you who don’t know that is Romney’s wife) had a bit of a breakdown too. It all amounts to nothing […]

PM Key’s radio show referred to police

Too late, too little and after the damage is done! A RadioLive show hosted by the Prime Minister John Key prior to the election has been referred to the police for breaching the Broadcasting Act. The Electoral Commission confirmed this morning that it had referred the broadcaster to police. Key hosted the hour-long show on […]

I’ve just been internalising a really complicated situation in my head

Here is an excellent analysis of the elections and its aftermath of Nicky Hager at pundit. The news declared that the National Party had had a ‘historic’ election victory on Saturday but, if that was true, National Party people would be looking happier. The reality is much more complicated Here’s the bullet-point version, to begin: […]