Six packs, Cookies And Baby Clothes Or How To Get People To Your Blog

Little over a year ago I published and article called “On six packs And Foreign Bankers Or Why We Are Losing The Battle For A Better World“. I wrote it as a critique of course to point out why the likes of Mark Carney, a Canadian banker liked to Goldman Sachs and responsible for the biggest housing bubble and subsequent ongoing economic collapse of Canada, where winning while the likes of the rest of us where losing.

It thought me something I didn’t realize at the time. Six Packs sell! Not that I’m earning money with this blog but wow, did you know that the whole world and their dog is trawling the internet for six packs and how to get them? This month alone more than 900 people landed on my blog merely by following the link to my blog after it showed up in a search engine while Googeling for six packs and I am sure that is just those who actually still possess a working brain. Those who are intrigued by the title enough to click on it.

I’m wondering what to put next in a post title. Nappies, cookie recipes and cheap deals come to mind. Maybe that and some real information will wake some people0 up!

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