New RSS Feed To Geo-Engineering Watch

Last year I started posting about Chemtrails. I did so after it became undeniable that strange white trails crossed the sky over my house and Karioi mountain near Raglan. Ever since I started publishing about them the trails have increased in numbers and now not a day goes by that the sky isn’t subdued by the ice clouds forming on the particles released into the upper atmosphere.

With documentaries such as What in the world are they spraying and Why in the world are they spraying making a good case for the existence of programs designed to minimize sunlight reaching the planet and an abundance of aluminium, barium and strontium in before pristine nature areas I decided to brave the remarks of people who until I did so where loyal readers of this blog and go ahead and put my findings out there.

Last year the CIA announced it was going to invest money into “research” as to whether inserting chemicals into the upper atmosphere would aid the fight against “global warming”and the Russians wanted the subject of Geo-Engineering discussed and put down in writing with the latest UN climate report. They reverted to it as “climate hacking”.

All together this should be enough for even the simplest amongst us to want to know more about what is happening to our skies and if chucking large amounts of chemicals into our atmosphere is such a grand idea.

Not only that but more and more information about the use of HAARP installations and the possible side effects on the stability of the earths crust are being released and taken all the above into account I thought it would be prudent to add and RSS link to one of the foremost websites on the subject so you can keep abreast with all the  information you might find interesting with regards to both Geo-engineering by chemtrail or HAARP.

So here is the link to Geo-Engineering Watch and you will find the RSS link to the site as usual on the left side of my blog

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