How Erik Prince, Founder of Blackwater, Will Help China Subjugate Africa

I have  been following Eric Prince and his adventures fo quite a while now. In fact his frim Blackwater and his connection to the CIA and Rumsfeld and Cheney through his internship at the first Bush presidency was the reason I started blogging in the first place. Here is that blog for those of you who want to know more about Prince and his adventures.

In my understanding of the world post 9/11 we live in, we are at war. Not against the Muslims or the Communists or the Chinese. We the 99.9% are in a war not of our making but waged against us by the 0.1% who want us gone. That includes every single one of our globalist overlords and their minions. These overlords, be it European, American Russian or Chines to name a few work together so it should come as no surprise that someone like Erik Prince part of that elite group of overlords works just as easily for/with the Chinese part of that group as with the Arab part of that group or with the American or European parts of that group.


Shares of DVN Holdings, controlled by Hong Kong businessman Johnson Ko Chun-shun and state-owned Citic Group, surged 7.3 per cent after it appointed Erik Prince – former owner of controversial US security firm Blackwater – as chairman, and granted him more share options.

DVN, an online financial markets information provider, said in an announcement to Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing that its board decided to grant Prince three-year options for the right to buy 102.56 million new DVN shares – or 9 per cent of its issued shares – at HK$1.50 each.

This is in addition to five-year options granted to him that allowed him to buy 205.1 million shares at 73 HK cents each in late November, as part-payment for a start-up East African aviation and logistics firm injected by Prince into DVN. The two options mean he could own about 23 per cent of DVN.

“The board invited [Prince] to be an executive director and chairman in view of his extensive business and commercial knowledge and network in the aviation and secured logistics industry,” DVN said.

Prince last November sold to DVN a company that plans to build a pan-Africa provider of aviation, logistics, risk management, security services and exploration support services, needed by many Chinese businesses active in Africa. He received US$3 million plus the first batch of options.

DVN shares yesterday closed at HK$1.61, up 115 per cent from November when DVN first announced Prince’s business injection, giving Prince a potential profit of HK$180.5 million on his first batch of options.

Prince has logistics, aviation, manufacturing, resources and energy business interests in Africa, the Middle East and North America, and is the founder of Frontier Resource Group, a private equity firm active in African aviation, exploration, mining and logistics, DVN said.

He was also the founder of Blackwater, which he sold in 2010 and was renamed Xe Services and then Academi, after four years of federal investigation into allegations of sanctions violations, illegal exports and bribery against the firm and its staff. Blackwater was a security services firm that protected US officials in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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