On John Key, Pony Tails, Disappearing Ministers And Roast Busters. Oh, And The One Who Can’t Be Named

I have nothing much to say about John Key’s nasty remarks about Labour defending rapists and paedophiles really seeing as we can’t mention names. And that of course is exactly what John Key and Crosby & Textor, his PR team want.

This is how psychopaths work. They use the integrity and sense of fairness most people use to get along with each other against them. When John Key accused Labour of defending rapists, and paedophiles he did so knowing we could not name the man accused of several cases of sexual abuse who has name suppression, given in what is clearly a case of legal psychopathic muzzling, further isolating the victims of “the one who can’t be named” and leaving a festering pustule of injustice on the body politic of New Zealand.

What’s more, John Key, who terrorised a young woman for 10 months by using his powerful position to get away with sexual harassment and intimidation when he kept pulling her ponytail publicly and humiliatingly, used a common tactic used by psychopaths all over the world. He used the technique known as projection i.e. accusing others of doing what he so blatantly did himself  and in the cases of several ministers who disappeared for reasons officially known only to them and John Key and the Roast busters case (In which a group of entitled young men raped under age girls after getting drunk)

I hear Crosby from Crosby and Textor, the Prime Minister’s “Göbbels” team of propagandists, uses this technique in an official strategic capacity , which Boris Johnson, the current buffoon in chief of London, called “the dead cat” strategy. After having had the opportunity to have  look inside the nasty mindset of Crosby’s partner Mark Textor via a couple of twitter comments he once made about me, I have come to the conclusion that they merely give names to the vile, vicious, morally defunct tactics psychopaths have been using for millennia.

To them it may have made them more legitimate because they discuss them and use them in PR group training sessions as “political” strategies but to me they’re just as vile as they have always been in their function of derailing moral, ethical and fair conduct to serve the psychopath in chief’s purpose of more control and more corruption.


3 thoughts on “On John Key, Pony Tails, Disappearing Ministers And Roast Busters. Oh, And The One Who Can’t Be Named

  1. Now the mainstream media is using the media story to try to build up the Green Party ( forget the Christmas Island Human rights violations!?) giving “selfies” as proclaimed “VICTIMS” .
    These political psychopaths always try to manipulate in order to benefit themselves.
    The Green party are the choice of the NWO for their Carbon taxes and green religion.

  2. My theory is it is a diversionary media drama.
    No doubt Key the smilin assassin is a psychopath.

    Was anybody in NZ surprised to hear that John Key is morally bankrupt?

    Remember what happened when Canada’s Harper was so despised they put in a NWO candidate that appears as a liberal. Much like that following Keys “despisition” a media revamp was done in this latest media drama on Mr Little Potato ( “human rights supporter”)head.
    But to their surprise they could not raise Mr Little’s popularity .
    It has been my first hand experience that Mr Little doesn’t care about human rights violations that his own govt dishes out.
    In their actions they have all supported rapists, fraudster, banksters, human rights violations and child molesters.

  3. Graham John Capill had full name supression till he got what was coming from Daniel McNally and 3 news apparently, mistakenly, (yeah right) read his name out on the news. Heres hoping some big gang brute is waiting for (wont type his name) for his next court appearance and delivers jailhouse justice to this creep who in the criminal world, has commited the lowest of the low! Hell, tell me the date and location and I will turn up and do it!

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