On John Key, Pony Tails, Disappearing Ministers And Roast Busters. Oh, And The One Who Can’t Be Named

I have nothing much to say about John Key’s nasty remarks about Labour defending rapists and paedophiles really seeing as we can’t mention names. And that of course is exactly what John Key and Crosby & Textor, his PR team want. This is how psychopaths work. They use the integrity and sense of fairness most […]

It’s OK to lock them up in Cages forever. They are dangerous paedophiles after all!

Today it was announced that we are going to lock up “dangerous” paedophiles in cages behind wire fences indefinitely. This is to protect the children and will only pertain to some 12 odd individuals because house arrest and daily monitoring is too expensive. Now, I am no fan of dangerous criminals and most definitely not […]