First It Was Christchurch, Now It’s The Sky Contract. John Key Fattening His Masters AGAIN!

In light of Fletcher winning the bid to build the Auckland Casino expansion here is what I wrote on December 2011. In order to understand what is happening you need this information. What it basically boils down to is that John Key has presented his banking masters with a $477 million bonus by giving the contract to Fletcher.


Last week Christchurch Rapper Trillion drew my attention to a list of shareholders of Fletcher and with the news media writing about the old boys network finding cushy jobs for their offspring I thought it was time I brought out the information I was able to put together which shows exactly how incestuous the upper echelons of the international elite is and how connected John Key is to all this  and why we should not be surprised to see Nepotism rear it’s ugly head in Christchurch.

Trillion asked on his facebook page who owns Fletcher building and wondered intoning my facebook page (which I thought was very flattering) in which of those shareholders, the majority of which were banks, John Key would have shares causing John Key to make money indirectly of the Chch quake and having a possible conflict of interest in appointing Fletcher building as the company rebuilding Christchurch.

Here is what I found:

The shareholders of Fletcher building are according to the list:

    with 296215920 shares
    with 43521538 shares
    with 38404045
    with 38263529 shares
    with 20757955 shares
    with 11165996 shares
    with 10882102 shares
  8. UBS Nominees Pty Ltd
    with 5391125 shares
    with 4866790 shares
    with 4839937 shares

Bear in mind this is only the 10 biggest share holders and it might be interesting to ask for Fletcher buildings entire list of share holders but for the purpose of this post the list above is enough.

Next I want to give you another list. The list of the biggest shareholders of Bank of America in which John Key holds a large chunk in shares according to the government site pertaining to personal interests of Politicians.

As you see the lists share some of the names. Don’t let the Australia extension fool you because technically that might mean they are a different financial entity but in reality it just means it’s the same company with branches in Australia.

So let’s go over the first list one by one shall we?

with 296215920 shares

This company is none other than a branch of the NZ reserve bank and while most people still think that this is just a benign separate entity invented to help the incompetent NZ government to manage our funds this is of course a branch of the Rothschild banking empire which incidentally also controls Bank of America and the bank of England

with 43521538 shares

In August 2007 a small news paper article appeared in the Waikato times if I remember correctly announcing that JP Morgan Chase had opened a branch in New Zealand. They announced at the same time that they would not be open to the wider public but would only be handling larger industrial projects.

JP Morgan is notorious for financing mountain top removal and is also a major share holder in Bank of America.

with 38404045

National Nominees ltd is what is commonly referred to as an Agent Bank which means it operates on behalf of other banks making this shareholder a bit of a mysterious grey horse as it is not clear who really holds the shares and what made it even more intriguing was the fact that their website was not accessible.

with 38263529 shares and

with 4839937 shares

Dexia is a Franco Belgian bank whose biggest trading partners are Goldman Sachs and Morgan chase. The bank received $6 billion in the 2008 crisis and was recently the first European bank called “too big to fail” and was bailed out a la A.I.G and the US banks.

with 20757955 shares

HSBC is another fine example of banking rectitude. It is the biggest issuer of credit cards in the US were they charge loan shark interests and they have just been convicted of scamming thousands of vulnerable old age pensioners out of their savings on products which would mature well after their deaths.

Together with Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and Societe General they were also the biggest bank to Mohammar Gaddafi.

with 11165996 shares

I a group which also holds huge shares in Rio Tinto and Sirtex medical (about which more later)

with 10882102 shares and

with 4866790 shares

Citicorp is the old name of what is after a merger now called Citigroup and the bank like Morgan chase is also one of the biggest shareholders in Bank of America.

When John Key was part of the Foreign Exchange committee he shared that honour with James Kemp from Citigroup.

UBS Nominees Pty Ltd
with 5391125 shares

Is a Branch of the Swiss bank UBS AG. This bank is also heavily exposed to the international derivatives trade. No personel has been recorded and no profile for clients has been given. I could serve as a front for other banks and also shows up on other corporation shareholders list indicating it could be involved in the privatisation of ACC (more on that later)

The fact that two banks hold more than 1 lot of shares could indicate that these are divided into to investor groups.

In fact it could be that all these banks just service large groups of investors with these shares as investment funds. In fact it is more than likely.

However it must be remembered that while these investors themselves are not the bad guys as all they want is just the biggest return on their money as they can get but that the corporations servicing these funds are bound by law to give their investors the biggest return on their money as they can and they do so in a psychopathic manner. If you doubt this I suggest you watch the film the Corporation 

But what has John Key has to do with this you ask?

Apart from the fact that John Key has two trusts one of which is blind which both could be holding shares in said investment funds which would be a conflict of interest he also has a shares and quite a substantial number of them in Bank of America.

Bank of America is one of the five banks which are to big to fail and heavily exposed to the Derivatives trades currently destroying the global economy.

If bank of America collapses John Key loses a lot of money and these banks are investing heavily in real world assets with their soon to be worthless US $. In order for John Key to protect his wealth he has to keep on supporting the system in which these banks operate. Having shares in the company which does most of it’s restoration and rebuilding work in Christchurch and being given the money by the NZ government to do so is one such operation.

In giving Fletcher building the job the National government helped John Key do just that.

In researching the names of the shareholders I also uncovered a series of PDF’s and links to other companies about which I will write at length in the coming days connecting these same shareholders to Rio Tinto and several Medical corporations indicating the same conflict of interest with the coming privatisation of ACC and the mining tsunami coming our way.

27 thoughts on “First It Was Christchurch, Now It’s The Sky Contract. John Key Fattening His Masters AGAIN!

  1. We need a Locals Policing Watchdog group for Reporting individual Fact Based evidence ege surveying, fracking, mining explorations, council consents, policy changes, strategy plans, beehive bills acts for passing, etc as proof to gain people population support…UNDERSTANDING is the key to unlock what’s really going on in local & beehive governments instructed by wealthy families. There’s no doubt we need to collapse the government & systems of corruption, no doubt at all!

  2. A very similar thing is going on in the UK. I don’t have all the facts and figures to hand but some banks are standing behind the politicians and steering them in the way which is most profitable to banking interests. House prices are beyond the reach of most workers and the banks work very hard to make sure that no-one builds the number of houses required by the present population thereby keeping the prices in the stratosphere. The public sector is being sold off piece by piece giving some oligarchs a very nice regular income courtesy of ordinary tax payers.

    • Theres a pattern of wealthy Judicial families along with Accounting bigwig Banksters in a ring of crime cycle using political party puppets to dictate what they want…WE INDIGENOUS ARE NOT MINING CULTURES, they ctiminals are! Mining vs non-Mining, theyre only interest is Land territory aquirement for greedy profits. Somewhere the balance of power must shift threw PEOPLE POWER MOVEMENTS!

  3. So will the TPPA also help with the US $ to keep Keys bank account even fatter than it is now?

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  5. A Public ownership of societal structure model for progress & sanity:

    An elite structure or tradition is kept at the top of organisation for continuity, noble outlook via secured position, general expertise (as there is always going to be an elite of some sort, might as well have it constructive) in ownership of the main monetary system.

    But the current layers under this of ‘wanna be’ elites piled up on top of each other all the way down, are changed to that of the second layer being that of public servants, the third layer being technocrats, and the fourth layer being the general population, all four layers being in harmony with each other.

    How could such a thing be???

    Quite simply be moving into a Referendum model of de-centralised decision making by the general population, with referendums paid for by Debt Free currency being introduced into the economy. The referendums are to tell Govt. what to do or what is wanted on issues. All questions in referendums have to be clearly understood by 80% of the population. This puts a technical limit on what may be asked, leaving it to the govts to work out the technical approachs to the outcomes mandated by the electorates on different issues. Refendum duty is something like Jury duty, with all members of society being drafted into them in cyclical ways and the benefits of the Debt Free currency being evenly distributed in their employment to the Referendums.

    The populations are kept informed by a few dedicated media channels relating to price movements, & what the situations are in the production of different fields in the goods and services of their economies, which will naturally become prioritised in a what matters the most in day to day life type of way as the population’s ownership in the decision making process would keep it engaged in this media as part of the societal fabric and identity – This would produce efficient and effect resource management, both social and environmental. The number of referendums are determined by the initial anti-deflationary effect of the debt free money, and it’s flow on effects in an economy where is has the most impact. (I.E At a certain point the anti-inflationary effects would pass equilibirum in overall benefit, and this would impact on prices in a negative trend against the intial positive trend). Also the price movements of good and services, compared to the priorities of the populations, are how the successive govts would be judged.

    These judgements, lead govts to comprising of the best public servants, which leads on to the creation of the best technocratic layer underneath them being created.

    Thus things would change from general mis-management, cover up and solve a current problem by creating a bigger problem outcomes, to efficiency, transparency, & nothing being to big a challenge for societal creativity to overcome in endless possibility.

    The End. 🙂

    • That sounds like the NWO plan.
      (As though “price movements of goods and services is above priorities of the population”.TPPA.)
      The oligarchy’s( Crown, Vatican and Washington) corporation/govt (who own the Media) is the big elephant in your pro elitist room.

  6. The elites would be better off with public ownership of govt. societal structures than plunder, pillage & war Corporate siphons – for the latter has no expertise to manage resources and technology except on the most static, rigid base and short sighted grasps of seeing all issues as zero sum games not to finish ‘last’ with against the enemy (the general populations). But the elite power structures may not have the strength for anything else, i mean who’s interest does it really serve to have the pacific ocean permanently killed off and dead??
    Dr. Keith Baverstock, former World Health Organization regional adviser for radiation and public health, published Oct 23, 2015 (at 37:00 in): “I’m really appalled at the way the international system has failed… Quite frankly, we don’t get anything through the media… There is no general understanding of the situation here in Europe, because the media are not putting this view forward. In fact, I think many people would be very surprised that it was still a matter for discussion. They would be even more surprised to learn that it’s still an ongoing accident, and that it hasn’t terminated yet. They’d be even more surprised that nobody has any good ideas on how to stop it. So this is a very big black point… for the nuclear industry — that they can cause a situation like this, where there’s no foreseeable end to it. It’s against international law to dump radioactivity into the sea, but that is precisely what is happening on a daily basis.”

    Pacific Terminal Decline?

    • Speaking of radio active waste, right here in Rotorua I attend a local council meeting where Crown Science Research scientists with doctors support, were telling us they were pouring Barrels of Liquid Alum-Aluminium into our local waterways they said to fix the farming industry nitrate phosphate toxic levels, as a pollution resolution! This thinking and adult behaviour is a CRIME AGAINST NATURE & HUMANITY, Overdue for urgent address!! Its worse when Maori elders doing nothing to oppose this bs!!

  7. How many of the 10 shareholding companies are Rothschild owned or controllled entities? Not having had a close look I would say most if not all are and John key is a puppet who amongst many of his puppeteers is Hugh Flecther. Prince William when addressing NZ inc at Govt house refered to Hugh, just after Jerry Mateparae and well before John, in order of importance to the Crown Corp. Hughs wife is the chief justice Sian Elias so Hugh can literally get away with murder (and boy has he done well since the murder of his elder brother Jim), just look at the details of the AMI sale to IAG with a Govt guarantee abck by the reserve bank of NZ which has cost the tax payer over 2 billion and counting, while he held shares and sat on the boards of AMI, IAG and reserve bank. Conflict of intrest as Ch Ch detective said but he was reminded he is untouchable. Sky city and its pass through customs, no checks for high rolling Chinses customers provides a great way for P to come into NZ, deals made in the Sky city hotel rooms and then money laundered before leaving all within the weekend!

  8. That ole reasonably well known saying ‘For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?’

    The most interesting part of that is what follows directly after………..’Or what shall a man give in RETURN for his soul?’

    Sort of a round about way type of expression.

    • MAKING MONEY OUT OF INDUCING DISASTERS UPON INNOCENT HUMANS, and NATURE itself – like its acceptable, is a modern day Crime against Humanity, for urgent address.

  9. I really believe the Americans want ChCh for their new Military base. They have the port of Lyttleton nearby and they would be close to the sea, plus they already have something at Harewood near the airport. They are leaving Diego Garcia in 2016 so would need something just as big to replace it. Just thoughts.

        • I work right nxt to redzone land in Richmond, the land is being marked out and surveyed as I type, the reason why Halliburton have been here for a while and were responsible for helping trigger the sept 4 quake is because the area of the Canterbury plains right down to Timaru, Methven, Springfield up to Sefton and all the way down the east coast is all prime oil shale deposits!

          • Wow! Thanks for post, Locals need to Police watch their areas. So your saying MINING company EXPLORATION takes place SURVEYS THE LAND, then key is GOVERNTMENT INDUCING EARTHQUAKES for land clearing, to extract whats beneathe? We need to form fact based evidence in a Case against the Crown of Elizabeth coat of arms instructing landuse for mining. WE NEED TO REPLACE THE COAT OF ARMS!
            Here in Rotorua, Melbourne based mining company sent a plane from the airport with a radio active metal detector on its tail it scans a mapped area to detect precious metals at Mount Tarawera and all over Rotorua! Exposing us to cancerous radio active waves….REMINDER LOCAL COUNCILS GIVE MINING CONSENTS!

    • It may be two pronged the new coms cable is in Whg not far from Warkworth and its tracking gear and we have highgrade aluminum being produced in Invercargill so it could be the new earner along with the new flag and a new name Aotearoa Hawaii to suit the new American dream because lets face it Key has no history in this country that means much of value so he might as well steal it hes good at that

    • I agree its all run from the back by wealthy judicial and accounting families of Intellectualism in agreement with Military and Religious ties. These 3 categories work together: Intellectualism, Military, Religious Athiesm.

  10. Sometime ago I cynically termed the CHCH rebuild as “John and Jerry or Gerry rebuilding it in their own image .It appears I wasnt wrong

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