Why Was Phil Goff Silenced And Why Did Netanyahu Phone John Key Four Times On The Day Of The Chch Earthquake

Update II: Wow, they deleted the link to my article on Reddit too!

Update I: I just found that my article was linked to at reddit and there were a few remarks there I thought I’d address:

First of all, I don’t see a Jewish Conspiracy. I see a country which was obtained by deceit and terror for a group of people who, while claiming they were Jews, were very much part of a secular movement. The Zionist movement is a young political movement while the Judaic faith is a very old religion and there are millions of Jews who very much against the state of Israel and who say that Jews are the people who believe in the Judaic religion and as such do not represent a race.I also see a very well organised Zionist network around the world which is well financed and which uses the terms anti Semitism and Jew haters not because the want to protect religious Jews from prosecution but to justify their disgusting, genocidal and terroristic behaviour towards Palestinians, Arabs and other real Semites.

I am supportive of those who fight the apartheid propagated by the Zionist regime and have no fight with all those millions of people  who identify as a member of the Judaic faith. In fact I understand that there are a lot of Jews who are  incredibly frightened at the moment for a repeat of WWII and the holocaust because of the way the Zionist regime is behaving and I think that we are at an incredibly dangerous crossroads and we need to support the Jewish community by being very specific about why we criticize Israel, its Zionist regime and its adherents. To go for the old “it’s the Jews” meme is to revive a demon that should be put to death and should never ever be reawakened.

Second, I copied and pasted the article in it’s entirety foreseeing that it would be deleted and the article and its facebook link have indeed been deleted. Even the link given in the redit comments.

Here are a few links from news papers around the world which have to date not been deleted but which clearly cite the same sources:

Here is a link to the Telegraph from England

Here is a link to Haaretz yep, an Israeli News Paper

So you have to ask yourself this: Why did stuff.com take it out of its archives when even an Israeli newspaper is happy to leave it there?

And last but not least I am a woman writer and blogger


Much is made about the fact that Cameron Slater was able to obtain SIS documents via an OIA request. Today the report from the Inspector General of Intelligence and Security (IGIS) Ms Gwyn confirmed that it was the office of John Key who pushed for Cameron Slater to make an OIA request in order to be used against the then opposition leader Phil Goff on Slater’s Whaleoil blog.

This is in and of itself already proof of the use of an organisation which should be above politics in a very political way and should carry serious repercussions for both the director of the SIS and John Key for using the SIS to damage political opponents.The fact that this happened in the run up to the 2011 elections should worry everybody including National voters.

It is however only a small part in the entire saga in my opinion. What really should matter is why it was so very necessary to silence Phil Goff and the fact that John Key was willing to take such a huge risk. Using these kinds of tactics can and as it now shows will back fire when they are being exposed.

So why was it so important to silence Phil Goff?

Here is what I think:

Phil Goff at the time was asking questions about a police investigation. John Key’s answer was that since Phil Goff had seen the same report as he did there was no need for him to go public with the content. When Phil Goff denied he had seen the report he was accused of lying and the document “proving”that he lied was given to Cameron Slater who used it to smear Phil Goff. Cameron Slater said he got the document via an OIA request and never revealed that he did so when John Key’s office told him to do so.

With the report from the Inspector General of Intelligence and Security (IGIS) Ms Gwyn it has become abundantly clear that John Key’s Office wanted to questions to go away. In fact it wanted them to go away so badly it was prepared to use the SIS and declassified documents in order to silence Phil Goff.

So what was the investigation all about?

According to this NZ Herald article the reason for releasing the document to Cameron Slater was that Phil Goff was asking questions about an investigation into the death of one Israeli during the Christchurch Earthquake and here is gets really interesting.

At the time I wrote about it and I did something that I hardly ever do. I copied and pasted the entire article that triggered my curiosity. I did so because I suspected that this a article would disappear and wanted to be able to get back to it later. In fact I linked as I always do to the original and the link shows that indeed the article has been removed. This is the link to that article for those of you who want to read it.

During the Earthquake a van was crushed and the driver died as a result. Three other people escaped and where able to leave the country within a day. The four people involved where all Israelis ans were called Ofer Benyamin Mizrahi, 23, from Kibbutz Magal near Haifa, Michal Fraidman, Liron Sade and Guy Jordan. The driver Mizrahi who died had on him, according to this article, at least 5 different passports.

What was remarkable was that on the day of the Earthquake Prime Minister John Key received no less that 4 telephone calls from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Not only that but Israel’s Ambassador in the South Pacific, Shemi Tzur based in Australia and Israel’s civil defence chief based in Israel both flew in to Christchurch.

That is an awful lot of political clout to fly in from all over the world and to have a Prime Minister of a country to call 4 times on the same day (And remember it was the middle of the night at the time in Israel) is remarkable to say the least.

But what made this an even more bizarre event was the fact that not one but two Israeli teams showed up in Christchurch in the direct aftermath of the quake. One was a search and rescue team and the other a forensic team.

Those four Israelis – Ofer Benyamin Mizrahi, 23, from Kibbutz Magal near Haifa, Michal Fraidman, Liron Sade and Guy Jordan – would later become a prime focus of the SIS investigation, along with the Israeli search and rescue squad and a group of forensic analysts from Israel that worked in the Christchurch morgue helping to identify earthquake victims.

They were unable to reach Mizrahi and, after taking photographs of the crushed van, made their way to Latimer Square, where Israeli officials had set up an emergency meeting point. Within 12 hours they had left New Zealand.

It was the behaviour of the Israeli Forensic team which lead to the SIS investigation, the result of which Phil Goff  wanted to know about:

Another Israeli group, a forensic analysis team sent by the Israeli government, was welcomed in Christchurch and worked on victim identification in the morgue.

However, the SIS also began to have suspicions about this group when it began investigating possible links between the cache of passports found with Mizrahi, the immediate flight of his three companions, the high-powered Israeli interest shown in the earthquake, the unexplained behaviour of the supposed “search and rescue squad” and a mysterious seventh Israeli, in New Zealand illegally, who was first reported missing in the quake and then, weeks later, was reported to have left the country.

The police was especially disconcerted about the possibility that members of the team had been able to install a backdoor into the police database  giving them access to almost all NZ’s intelligence:v

When it was realised the forensic analysts could have accessed the national police computer database, an urgent security audit was ordered.

As the SIS officer explained, it would take only moments for a USB drive to be inserted in a police computer terminal and loaded with a program allowing remote backdoor access.

“We were concerned that could have happened,” the officer said.

“We carried out an urgent audit. If it had been done it would eventually have given the Israelis access to all of our intelligence.”

All of this information which made the round around the globe and is still available in every newspaper online archive has been completely wiped off the New Zealand ones.

What is even more interesting is that both David Farrar and Caeron Slater have close ties to the Likud party of which Benjamin Netanyahu is the leader and that both at the time were engaged in an extremely vile and damaging character assassination of Phil Goff and now again seem to be in full attack mode with Cameron Slater even appearing in the same radio program as Phil Goff booked to speak after Phil Goff.

So in conclusion what we have here is a NZ prime minister who identifies as a secular Jew with two henchmen beholden to the Likud party, silencing the leader of the opposition when he is asking questions about four Israelis, one of which had more than 5 passports on him when he was found in Christchurch, and what the SIS has found with regards to the behaviour of two teams of Israelis one of which had been allowed to access all NZ intelligence.

I don’t know about you but that SIS report about what happened there just became a whole lot more interesting!

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  2. Reblogged this on Human rights complaints New Zealand and commented:
    New Zealand PM John Keys traitorous connections to the zionist regime and his unlawfull use of the SIS to smear Phil Goff of the Labour party, PM John Key is not acting in best interests of New Zealand citizens, he has actively concealed SIS documents that prove he used the SIS to conceal zionist crimes against the state of New Zealand.

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  4. Great linking in this Ev.
    Given NZ’s past history and New Zealander’s experiences with both ISA (Shin Bet) and Mossad, under Helen Clark I also found the post Earthquake whitewash ‘interesting’ and the immediate refuge in the usual ‘anti’semitism’ accusations from the two blogs you mention and the mainstream when people began to question too much..
    I think Key has to be pretty careful however there is already quite a lot of questioning going on about potential duality of citizenship as it is

  5. I remember the original stuff articles well. I often bring it up in conversations, and it’s surprising the number of people who have taken little interest in it. Personally I think that the multiple passports are a long term play. Passports obtained as students may be used many years down the track. Google “50 years of deep state” by Mark Gorton. PDF available.

  6. It is incorrect that John Key identifies as a ‘secular Jew’. He speaks of the Jewish community as any other religious or cultural group in NZ, not as if it were his own. He is only considered Jewish under Jewish religious law, but does not consider himself one. A ‘secular Jew’ would still identify with the community itself, maybe even go to synagogue every now and then – unlike John Key.

    • John Key met with the NZ Zionist Federation shortly before he was elected, He has spoken in interviews about technically being Jewish but he also said he went to church because of wanting to do the right thing for his children (Whatever that means). John Key in other words says a lot of things to a lot of people he needs to convince of one thing or another.

      Fact is he has been extremely supportive of Israel such as when he walked out of Ahmadinejad’s speech at the UN together with the Israeli, and US representatives.

      Fact is both Farrar and Slater have close connections with Netanyahu’s Likud party and both write an inordinate amount of articles in favor of Israel and full of hate about the Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims and as it just came out John key can’t stay away from them even if it would be politically wiser to do so.

      His hurry to get NZ into war is also a rather worrying tendency as we will primarily be fighting there not to fight terrorists but implementing the plan for a greater Israel:


      • Like we actually have a military…..but more than smart comments, Your post has given me a jolt….I have had a lot of other gripes about jk, and the direction this country is taking, but you added a whole new dimension. I have never been a fan of Israel…I feel that they have become the very Nazi’s that they ran from themselves back in the 40’s. History never repeats….yeah right! They even have their own wall….. 🙂 Great article ….if kiwi’s weren’t so apathetic our pm would be in the slammer right now……..he is at best disingenuous, and at worst a Wall St hag……..either way, he’s as corrupt as hell and a fitting end would mirror Muissolini’s . I would hope that under the sleepy national psyche there is a monster which should not be woken…….waiting…waiting….

    • John Key’s only beholden love is to the almighty dollar. Anything which can help him acquire the dollar is OK with him.
      It was probably expedient to him to suck up to the Israelis to gain dollars.

      That is what drives him… end of it all

      • I know what you’re saying about jk being a slave of Wall St but if he’s such a ‘smart’ financial whizzz, how can he (And the rest of NZ) not see that driving this country into unrepayable debt territory (110B and counting) is not the way to run a business In these turbulent times…….he has sold our future to the highest bidder, and our credibility and individuality have been consigned to the past. I firmly believe that if jk thought he could pull it off, he would recind the nuclear free status of which we are (or were) so proud of……and the next thing would be a huge US military/ naval complex somewhere on our shores….it’s all about territory these days….and crazy as that last statement sounds, it makes perfect sence for the rentboy who is our ‘Leader’

  7. Mike Ruppert in his book “Crossing the Rubicon” mentions software called “Promis” which he says provides a back door to many software systems. Claims about what this software could do seem dubious but … being part of 5 eyes makes having access to any singular system moot.

  8. Let’s not forget how Key “misspoke” about how the earthquake was manmade. Vinnie Eastwood did an interview of Ben Vidgen which discussed HAARP as a possible cause.

  9. John Key is just an opportunist ( & i doubt he was such an extreme politician at the time that he had no objections to the earthquake happening ) who has perhaps gotten in over his head/or it has gone to his head, or abit of both likely.

    The ‘jewish’ conspiracy, is just that the Jewish race(although it is a race in a loose sense of the term, not taking into account the Nazi science of the early 40s which looks like it has since re-emerged into climate change) is exploited in one way or another by the money cartel familys, due to historical reasons, as part of the alternative dialectic ready to full the vacuum when the political facade tears; & as there is always a ready supply of relative extreme opportunists in any segment of a population, some ‘jewish’ people themselves buy into the exploitation dialectic, in order to be part of the club, better than the neighbour etc. But it is all just zero-sum opportunism, which is the bane of the post hunter gatherer social state.

    It is not different than when the Greek city states were ruled by the Persian empire via Persian gold, in the ‘Persian’ conspiracy of those times.

    Truth is Key would have just been another variation of the comb-over bumbling bureaucrat like Mr Burns from the Simpsons (op i mean Don ‘release the hounds’ Brash), if not for the opportunism of the post Rod Donald (rest in peace), Green politicians when gifted the obscure lost to civilisation nutritional truths of hundreds if not thousands of years, as for decades they had supposed, & made a nice penny or two, themselves as being for ‘healthy food, healthy people’. As it turns out ,their application of the term people beyond themselves, & the ideas of personal eco-friendly life-style blocks, is very limited.

    Opportunism has its place in society, & in a different market system people like Key would be of value to a society – instead of administrators of tiolet social trends and everything in sight being flogged off – although it is a bigger leap if the molds of the extreme materialistic Green political types would amount to anything other than regressive troubles in one form or another, to a population at large

    • I don’t see a “Jewish” conspiracy and strongly advice you not to use that term on my blog.

      What I see is a group of secular people identifying as Jewish based on race which is ridiculous because as many religious Jews say Judaism is a religion and not a race. What I also see is that this group has come up with a secular reason for wanting the land we now know as Israel and using the religion as a motivation as in: the Lord gave us Israel.

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