Australian Victim Of MH17 Crash Wore Oxygen Mask

The official story is that a surface-to-air missile shot the Malaysian MH17 flight out of the air and the perpetrators, so we where told, where Russians in a Pro-Russian rebel controlled area of Ukraine.

If this is so than the people on the plane would not have known what hit them. The  plane would have disintegrated immediately and the people on board would have died almost instantly.

One person found with an oxygen mask means that at least one person was still alive, connected to the plane and with time enough to put a mask on while the  plane was flying.

Why was this the case. The Dutch investigation doesn’t talk about any of this. The Informational Briefing from the Russian Union of Engineers is a concise and well executed scientific analysis of what has happened and gives a perfectly good  explanation based on their analysis of the evidence. For some reason it won’t allow me to link to the PDF so here is the full link for you to copy and paste if you want to read it. (It is in English)


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