Is The SAS Already Deployed?

I had the opportunity to speak for the Kaumatua of a Marae about the subject of the TPPA recently. We talked about that and the military connection. That being John Key signing a brand spanking new partnership in June 2012 with NATO. 

With that on the table we also talked about John Key pondering the thought of sending SAS personnel to the hell that is Iraq and Syria. What followed was chilling and terrifying. One of the Kaumatua was a very worried father. He said that both his sons where in the SAS and both of them had been called up already. They left on Saturday 4th of this month. He said that they had told him they were to travel to Australia and next to Singapore from where they would be sent to their assignments. That is as much as they told him but I think we can guess where they will go next.

If this is true and I have no reason to disbelieve the words of a worried father in a small Marae meeting, this would deceit and treason of the highest kind. It would mean that our prime Minister is sending troops into war before any discussion has taken place and is acting like a dictator who can decide on war alone!

6 thoughts on “Is The SAS Already Deployed?

  1. Why would John Key declare the movements of the NZSAS, whose tactical movements rely heavily on the fact that the are not announced to the world. I’m sure he did consult with some people, maybe people more clued in on geopolitics and appropriateness of military deployments than a rabble rousing blogger?

  2. One unit is always available to the Britz to do their dirty work anywhere in the world. This was the secret agreement with NZ govt, when they were first set up after WW2.
    So of course they may already be there and wherever else they are “needed” by Empire. JK would probably know about it, but they would be under Britz control, so plausible deniability.

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