Why Is Israel Paying Cameron Slater To Come To Israel And Did They Pay For David Farrars Trip Too?

For those of you wanting to turn this into an anti-Semite thing here is my statement of intent:

  • I support A Jewish Voice For Peace in their attempts to bring a solution to the hideous situation the Gazans are finding themselves in while under siege from Israel.
  • I support the many thousands of people who are demonstrating in Israel for their Government to stop the bombardments of Gaza.
  • I am a staunch supporter of all Semites. Palestinians, Syrians, Lebanese, Libyan and the other peoples speaking Semitic languages who are trampled on, shot at and whose cultures and countries are destroyed by the US/NATO war machine.
  • I am a supporter of all Jews celebrating Judaism as a peaceful religion who oppose the state of Israel as a secular abomination in direct violation of their religious believes.
  • I support those intellectuals of Jewish descent who speak out against the madness of Netanyahu and his Likud party such as Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein to name but a few of the many many Jews who recognize the madness for what it is!

Shalom to all of those brave people daring to speak out against the madmen ruling Israel. I dare to speak out because you do too!

So go ahead give it your best shot. I know I am not alone in condemning Israel’s Government for their murderous rampage in Gaza and the genocide on the Gaza people they are attempting and we are letting them succeeding at, because we are too damn scared to speak out for fear of being called anti-Semtite. All we can do right here, right now is call our government to task and that is what I am trying to do here.


A couple of years or so ago I actually visited David Farrar’s site a couple of times in the hope of getting some stuff on John Key out and I have to give it to David Farrar that he did not censor me.

While doing so I was reading some of his postings and I found that David Farrar had made a most interesting journey. In November 2009 it seems David Farrar visited Israel. Now at the time I thought well, he is Jewish and Israel is a country that for many Jews is very important and that is all. However it struck me as quite extraordinary that David Farrar from little old New Zealand did not only get a private tour of the Knesset but also had meetings with the mayor of Jerusalem and other hoi pelloi. He appeared ot have been traveling with a group representing Young Likud. The Likud party being the same party currently bombing the shit out of the Gaza people

But then something happened that made me kind of change my perspective.

Nicky Hager’s book came out and trust the spotlight on Cameron Slater and what do you know? According to Stuff.co.nz Cameron Slater is in Israel at this very moment upon invitation of Israel’s government, the same government bombing the shit out of the Gaza people, as part of a group of Journalists.

No doubt to get his talking points from the Likud government to take back to New Zealand and his sleaze bucket blog.

And there you have it; both Cameron Slater and David Farrar have close ties to the Likud party which is killing the people of Gaza in the thousands with indiscriminate bombardments.

Both David Farrar and Cameron Slater, and I urge you to check for yourself on their blogs, have been rabid supporters of Israel the Likud party and its Genocidal policies with regards to the Palestinians and while David Farrar is Jewish, Cameron Slater identifies, according to his wiki blurp, as a Seventh Day Adventist making this not a an anti-Semite issue but one concerning the political independence of New Zealand’s foreign policies.

What we have here are the two biggest blogs owned by the two people John Key relies most on to do his dirty work as illustrated by the ample evidence produced in Nicky Hager’s book, closely aligned to the Likud party indulging in virulent pro Israel anti Palestine Propaganda.

John Key himself identifying as a Jew if not a religious one (which according to many religious Jews is not an option as Judaism is a religion not a race) as our Prime Minister supported for his nastier work such as smearing opponents and other corruptible deviousness destroying our democracy by two people closely associated to the Likud party (in fact being paid to travel to Israel by the same party while committing war crimes according to our MSM)

John Key has shown on several occasions, such as walking out of the UN council when Ahmadinejad was speaking, that he fully supports Israels politics and the combination of the two most powerful political bloggers propagandizing Israel’s criminal policies outside of the MSM and John Key as the Prime Minister make for a very powerful pro-Israel lobby in a country which could do with a more neutral or even critical stance on what Israel is doing in GAZA and the West bank.

3 thoughts on “Why Is Israel Paying Cameron Slater To Come To Israel And Did They Pay For David Farrars Trip Too?

  1. It seems obvious that Key has been following the Zionist Neo Liberal agenda for all these years. Wasn’t it odd how he suddenly appeared on the scene? The US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, and now NZ. All under Zionist control. What a nightmare!

  2. Is it not obvious why Slater and Farrar are have shuffled off to Israel, of course to get more instructions from their Zionist masters. This is pretty scary stuff for little old NZ don’t you think? Part of the big plan to plant these people where they can cause the most chaos.It’s about time we woke up to what is really going on here.

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