Barry Jennings: An update

For those of you who found this site because of 911 the name Barry Jennings will not hold any mystery but for those of you who are reading this blog for reasons other than 911 here is some back ground first.

Barry Jennings was a City Housing Authority worker who together with Michael Hess, New York’s corporation counsel, headed up to the emergency centre. You can read up on the events that followed here.

Barry gave the boys who made “Loose Change” an interview:

Barry died at age 53 under suspicious circumstances in the same week the NIST released its rapport on WTC 7 which collapsed in freefall speed into a pyroclastic flow into its own footprint around 5:20 in the afternoon of 911.

Now more information emerges because Dylan Avery one of the three makers of Loose change has asked a private investigator to try to find out more about what happened to Barry Jennings and his family.

It turns out that the PI who according to Dylan was well paid and with a good reputation referred the case to the police, returned the payment and asked never to be called again.

In addition to this, when Dylan travelled to Barry’s last known address he found the house vacant and for sale. Learn more about the case here

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