Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense Is What A King Says If He Wants To Screw Someone Over.

Honi soit qui mal I pense is the  motto of the Order of the Garter. The order called the most noble of them all only has 24 members at any given time apart from the  English queen and the Prince of Wales. Current members include the Duke of Cambridge also know as Wills.

The translation of the motto is: Shame on those who think evil of it and was allegedly coined for the first time somewhere around 1348 when Edward III laid claims to the French throne and took it.

The reason I mention this motto is because of course it has been the accusation the powerful laid at the feet of those pointing out obvious conspiracies by the powerful for the longest time.

Nowadays all a ruler has to do is utter the phrase Conspiracy Theory and the person pointing out the obvious conspiracy is expected to sink to the floor in a puddle of shame and contrition.

John Key is such a ruler. He throws the term around in a way that would make Edward the III the original coiner of the motto green with envy.

It doesn’t matter how clear it is that a very dirty game has been played around the residency (It took me 8 years to get my permanent residency even though I have been married to the same Kiwi for 27 years and if I don’t pull finger and get my passport renewed before November I can start from scratch again  for example) of Kim Dotcom, our ruler tries the old Honi Soit Gui Mal Y Pense meme once more!

It is clear that ulterior motives where at play here. Whether it was the opportunity to have a very rich guy spend loads of cash here or to keep him here for the FBI to whisk him away to the US. The fact is that normal protocol was violated and that under pressure of someone high up (and the SIS only answers to John Key who conveniently holidays abroad once again while the shit hits the fan) the residency of Kim Dotcom was facilitated. Questions need to be asked and they need to be answered and quite frankly Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense doesn’t hack it this time.

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