Did Mossad Kill The Three Teens Or Were the Three Settler Kidnappings an Israeli “False Flag” Operation?

I didn’t catch on straight away but when I saw the first photo’s of the bodies of the three murdered Israeli teens on stretchers covered by the Israeli flag I wondered why they were paraded like that.

And then it clicked. A lot of photo’s of murdered Palestinian kids and men carried to their graves in open caskets or stretchers by hundreds if not thousands of mourners is a powerful picture.

The fact is that Muslim religious protocol insists on burying the dead within 24 hours or sooner and while the body maybe covered with a shroud, coffins are considered too opulent and so it is in keeping with that tradition to bring a body to its grave  “open casket”  style. The fact that it concerns citizens who died a violent death and so serve as a focus point for those angered by this is a mere side effect even if it is an important one. The issue is that for the Palestinians, as it is for all Muslims, bodies do not get buried in a casket. period.

The thing is this is not so for the Jewish faith. For the Jewish religion it is important that the body is hidden from being stared at. The person can’t stare back after all. So a casket is compulsory.

So what happened with that very public showing of the bodies was a very strange break with Jewish tradition.

According the timeline it took 18 days for the Israeli police to find the three bodies. They where found so they told us in a shallow grave not very far away from where they were kidnapped.

One of the kids was able so we were told to make a phone call to alert the police to the fact that they were kidnapped.

And this presents a problem. If the kids where able to phone out there was a GPS signal. This would mean that they could be traced at least until the point of kidnapping. If that is the case satellite imaging would be possible to help investigate the spot where they were hijacked and if there was a GPS location police would be able to physically go to that spot and look for evidence. It would have been very simple to helicopters with sensitive UV or infra red cameras to look for irregularities around the area.

Yet it took 18 days to find them.

This means that either the kids were murdered straight away and buried close by the murder site because why would you want to carry three dead kids for a long time to bury them somewhere far away from where you killed them or they where not and they where killed just before they were found.

This means that either the bodies would be  in such a state of decomposition that an open casket funeral would be out of the question or the people responsible for the killing decided to keep them hidden for 18 days after which they brought them back to the spot where they were hijacked to kill them and bury them.

Or they were killed straight away, kept in a cooler of freezer for 18 days to be buried close to the spot where they were found just in time for a state funeral with their bodies only covered by the Israeli flag.

Or the bodies, in a severe state of decomposition, where put in body bags to stop them from smelling the funeral up making this one of the grossest uses of bodies to propagandize the next phase of the massacre of the people of Gaza.

Either way you look at it something very fishy went on around the deaths of these three kids and what we do know is that the IDF and the Mossad have made scenarios eerily reminiscent of what has just happened.

Here is an interesting timeline making it abundantly clear that there are serious questions that need to be asked:

Evidence that came to light after Israel removed its gag order on information regarding the June 12 kidnapping and murder of three Jewish Israeli students suggests that it could have been an Israeli government operation that was intentionally used to punish Hamas and break up the new Palestinian unity government.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had immediately accused Hamas of the kidnapping — without presenting any evidence — and proceeded to “conduct a search” throughout the entirety of the West Bank until the bodies were reportedly found on June 30th.

The “search” entailed arresting and beating up about 600 Hamas members (including legislators) and trashing about 2100 homes; Israeli forces killed at least 7 Palestinians. Israel also heightened its daily air strikes on the Gaza Strip, which has been under the Israeli blockade since Sept. 2006. The Gaza government appealed to the UN for relief, which responded by condemning the kidnappings rather than the massive abuse of the Palestinian population. And then urging “all parties” to show restraint.

On July 1, Israel removed a gag order on information about the kidnapping that revealed shocking facts:

  • The Israeli government had informed members of the press around June 15th that it was aware that the students had been killed (1) but placed a gag order on that information: the government must thus have known where the bodies were.  The brutal “search” was merely cover for punishment of members of Hamas, the democratically-elected party of Palestinians throughout the occupied territories. The Israeli media played along with the pretext for the abuse.
  • The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) were only called in 8-9 hours after the first call to report the kidnapping. One of the students placed a call to the police emergency hotline 10 minutes after they accepted a hitchhiking ride home, with the message that he was being kidnapped. The statement was followed by what sounded like several gunshots, groans and silence; the call lasted for 49 seconds. Police ignored the call. The teen’s father called police 5 hours later, at 3:30 am, to report his son missing. “Several hours” after that, after an exchange of 54 phone calls, the IDF and Shin Bet finally became involved. (2)
  • Despite possession of all of the evidence of the kidnappings and murders, the Israeli government has offered no evidence that indicates responsibility for the acts. Those with any direct connection to the phone calls or the finding of the bodies have remained unidentified.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has used this event for huge political gain:

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3 thoughts on “Did Mossad Kill The Three Teens Or Were the Three Settler Kidnappings an Israeli “False Flag” Operation?

  1. The Hebrew Inscription On The Mossad Logo Reads – “By Way Of Deception Thou Shalt Do War”

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