On Climate Change And Denial Or Why I Think The IPCC Is Full Of Shit And We Should Pay Attention To What It Is They Are NOT Discussing.

When you react skeptical to the hysteria erupting after yet another IPCC report predicting the unfortunate demise of the entire human species due to our damaging behavior towards this planet the reaction is predictable: “Oh”, people say with disdain,” you must be a DENIER.”

Well. I am not. I just believe the IPCC is full of shit and club of  stooges to implement an agenda for very small elite with an compilation of results of Manipulated computer models scientific research much like the NIST manipulated the investigated the collapse of WTC 7 due to controlled demolition office fires.

Actually you will find that, apart from those people who would just love to go on destroying the planet with their greed and callous disregard for the safety of our environment and the future of all of us, a lot of us skeptics are acutely aware of the way we are destroying our planet at a terrifying pace and we are all for discussing what is happening and we should not let our greed take over in favor of a more sustainable and loving relationship with the great mother, our home, our planet.

It is just that we would like to include some points in the discussion the powers that be would dearly like for you not to know about  but which are very real never the less.

Just before I go into what we would like included in the discussion with regards to Climate Change here is what I and probably a lot of people like me are not saying.

I am not saying:

  • Climate change is not real.
  • All those storms are without a doubt NOT the result of human intervention.
  • Because Climate Change is not real we don’t have to mend our ways.
  • We can continue to pollute, destroy rainforests, grow our economies because there is no Climate Change.
  • It doesn’t matter what we do because the planet can adapt to the increased temperatures whether they are real or not

Here are some of the things I am saying with regards to our climate and the use of :

  • It is quite possible that our industrial endeavors cause gasses to accumulate and cause changes on our global Climate.
  • It is also very possible that our indiscriminate destruction of Rain forests and other Carbon absorption mechanisms is causing even more accumulation of gasses into our atmosphere.
  • We will have to find ways of avoiding the use of fossil fuel and invest into more environmentally friendly ways of using other less destructive forms of available energy in order not to impact our global home any further and if possible mitigate the already damaging effects of the past.
  • We need to start practicing better stewardship of our resources and where possible use those which are renewable such as hemp etc.
  • We need to start recycling and reusing and design tools that can stand the test of time rather than those that have to be replaced every 3-5 years to keep big corporations in profit.

So you see in a lot of ways I am like any other Greenie who wants to  make this planet a better, greener and healthier place.

In fact those of you who know me in the flesh know that I am trying to practice what I preach and know that I and my husband are trying with limited (but endeavoring to do better with every attempt at it) success to get of the grid, limit our energy use to sustainable and renewable sources. People who know us know that we are researching and using other more unconventional ways of fueling our cars and that we are hoping to do better in that in the future too.

But here is where I differ and with me many of those so called Climate skeptics (As an example: John Key is not a climate skeptic. He is a parasite who wants to have more and more and more and uses sensible climate skepticism as a way of not having to be responsible for the damage we do)

I would like these subjects to be discussed while we are at it and so far this is not happening:

  • I would like more openness about the use of chemicals in the many known weather modification programs going on around the globe
  • I would like to have more openness about the use of HAARP facilities around the world and how they effect our global Climate such as in their ability to heat up the ionosphere and cause high and low pressure areas around the globe able to steer storms and other disturbances to promote weather patterns that might otherwise not have major impact on local situations.
  • I would like for the IPCC to start monitoring the use of these programs and facilities and to start incorporating the effects of such programs on the weather systems around the globe.

You see I believe in a scientific system that actually incorporates all effects of our behavior on the global weather patterns and not the ones picked and allowed to be discussed which is why I risk the wrath of the Climate change zealots and the industrial lobby who just wants to  continue the global grand looting.


7 thoughts on “On Climate Change And Denial Or Why I Think The IPCC Is Full Of Shit And We Should Pay Attention To What It Is They Are NOT Discussing.

  1. Keep up the positivity!

    The problem…The actual science…The reality is … We’ve cooked our goose. This is because of the likes of John Key and the people he represents. They know they are coming to the end of the line. ..The worse it gets the worse it will get…These people are evil, but they are also guilty … fraud, fascist violence, waging war …HAARP and chemtrails…bla bla bla

  2. Travellerev.

    I have to briefly respond to your article, but not for the reasons that you suspect – that you will incure the “wrath of the Climate change zealots”.

    My fear is that we are simply talking PAST each other.

    There is very little that we disagree about but what we disagree about is substantive.

    Because we are likely to be fighting behind the same barricades (metaphorically speaking, I hope) it is important that you understand my position (as well as that of many others).

    I agree with you wholeheartedly about the nature of the IPCC and the way in which climate science has been used by the world elite to their own ends.

    However, in my mind the science is relatively politically-neutral and most of the 97% of scientists who go along with the conscensus have good intenton.

    The problem with the IPCC is that it is “science by consensus” and thus hopelessly conservative and thus no more than a HALF-truth.

    The actual science that is disregarded by the mainstream indicates that the reality is MUCH, MUCH worse than that being indicated by the UN-controlled IPCC – precisely because they have an investment in ‘business-as-usual’, infinite growth.

    The reality is that we have seen a 0.8 C increase in temperatures worldwide (from greenhouse gasses released 40 years ago – we are only now seeing the consequence) and that has led to extreme weather in every country in the world and melting of the polar ice at an extradoridinary rate giving rise to a 44,000 year heat wave in the Arctic where temperatures in WINTER are about 20C above the 1979-2000 average.

    So it is not a case of simply ‘avoiding the use of fossil fuel’ or improving our ‘stewardship of our resources’. The time for doing so is long since passed. We’ve cooked our goose.

    This is because of the likes of John Key and the people he represents.

    They know they are coming to the end of the line.

    If we had not reached a Peak in conventional oils they would not be desperate to extract tar sands, conduct dangerous Deep-Sea driling and frack underneath people’s houses to extract the last bit of available oil or gas at costs that are scarcely sustainable.

    The worse it gets the worse it will get as they resort to open fascism and violence to maintain their power and privilege – let alone the next injection of their petroleum drug.

    These people are evil, but they are also guilty of hubris and self-delusion. They really aren’t lizards and can’t fly away to another green planet, but have to ultimately share the same fate as the rest of humanity.

    CDC’s, Wall St fraud, fascist violence, waging war against China and Russia, chemtrails – these are all ways by which the elite hope to keep the whole machine ticking over and avoid the evil day.

    I strongly suggest you listen to this interview of Guy McPherson will Vinny Eastwood to get an idea of a discussion of the questions that concern you.

    HAARP and chemtrails will have to wait to another day

    Best wishes

    • Dear R,

      I rest my case. What should have been integral in this attempt at a response to what I wrote is the possible use of HAARP and Chem trails to name just some of the possibly exacerbating weather tools used to increase storm and extreme weather activity. You accept that the weather is solely the result of Carbon emissions. In fact you are stating the the IPCC is a regular scientific body which serves the PTB through science by consensus. I they didn’t their conclusions would be even more terrifying is what you are saying. I am saying that the possibility exists that the Weather modification tools used such as HAARP and airborne chemicals might manipulate the weather to the point of us not knowing what the real weather would look like anymore and those tools are in the hands of those same powers that be.

      The IPCC is not just a little ignorant and backwards. They are refusing to take all possibilities of weather modification (Both accidental industrial side effects AND purposely used tools to create more chaos and extreme weather) and so are you.

      The US, the Russians and Chinese governments have all all but confessed to modifying the weather through artificial means. We can not discuss one without the other. That would be like knitting while keeping the yarn for future use. No yarn, no knitting. No talking about all the possible influences about our changing weather patterns, no science. Science looks at all possibilities, not the ones conveniently authorized by the powers that be. So by the time you are ready to talk about every possible influence on the weather come back and we can do some real damage to the PTB.

  3. This is a good statement of sound position. Not a gloomy war of yay versus nay but arguments realistic in context in a bigger picture for the better.

    The IPCC (whoever they are) should monitor HAARP and other weather-modifying programs, absolutely.

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