Did John Key Promise Chinese Kleptocrats Access To New Zealand?

When John Key went to China much was made about his meetings with President Xi Jinping and other high officials. Today an article in the NZ herald touts a “lobby group” interested in lowering the $ 10 million compulsory investments rich people have to make in order to be able to buy access to NZ as a resident.


As it stands China is investigating some very high officials for corruption and the US, Australia and the UK have been inundated with requests for citizenship from very corrupt wealthy Chinese politicians, businessmen and their families. In China the pitchforks are coming out for these people who made huge fortunes over the backs of their fellow man in the form of enforcing slave labor and kowtowing to the rich Westerners coming to their country to get their products made on the cheap while destroying their own markets.

I can’t help but wonder if John Key made promises to Chinese Rich Pricks to come here and bring their particular brand of corruption and looting to this country.

Here is what Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert have to say about the Chinese “naked” officials fleeing China:


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