On The Abyss, Hot Summer Days And Pinterest.

No I’m not going to announce another dramatic departure. We all know that’s never going to happen. I’m stuck for the duration and if I ever do stop it will probable just fizzle out as life takes me inadvertently in different a direction when the time comes.

But the days are hot and energy is low and while some seem to be waking up I am temporarily bored with the casualness of the evil of the 1%, the lack of response from average Joe’s while their livelihoods are being destroyed and their assets are stripped and their environment destroyed with their willing cooperation while they complain about it all at the same time.

And I just thought I’d share some thoughts that have been keeping me busy lately.

I don’t know about you but I envision all of us connected. We’re, to put it simply, all a part of the same brain. Some religions call it the Universe, some call it God or a Higher self but I would like to call it a shared consciousness for the purpose of this post.

For me it explains why you can meet with people and feel instantly you have a connection, although more often than not you may find that connection to be fraught with tension and confusion as the inevitable differences or enmeshments start to assert themselves but that is a different  story, and, if you have that capacity, it is fairly simple to sense  the state of awareness and emotional capacity in other people.

So if, like me you spend several hours a day staring into what Nietzsche called the Abyss you don’t do anything other than travel into that part of the shared consciousness that in our Western psychology is called the psychopathic part of our shared consciousness and since we are all part of that it has a tendency to start occupying your individual part of the global mind and while you are strong enough to understand that to go there is dangerous it becomes stronger the longer you dwell there making you feel miserable and consumed by it. In fact if you dwell there too long you actually allow it to grow adding more of it to the shared consciousness part of you

I think this is why I sometimes call time on this blog or why I disappear for a bit because to dwell there is oppressive, dangerous and damaging to the soul and I simply need to reinforce the connection to the parts of our mind that are capable of infinite beauty and love and  sharing that what makes us good.

Now allow me to make a little jump. If we are shared consciousness than perhaps it is not to far fetched to call the internet the materialized form of that consciousness and if you will humor me than it is not to far fetched to assume that it is possible to find both the abyss and paradise in a material form out there and I think I have found my paradise to dwell when the abyss get’s to be to much.

At my best and most complete I like to immerse myself in the transcendental activity of creating beauty and in the absence of creating beauty on the spiritual shared consciousness plane I make do with creating beautiful things on the material plane and much like your average Jane that translates into making clothes, jewellery and stuff around the place where I live. Mundane I know but hey, I never said I was ready to break with the world and retire into a monastery just yet.

So here  I am wanting to make all this gloriously mundane stuff and bugger, we have yet to finish my part of our new shed so I can retire into my material plane version of heaven.

And here is what I am getting at and want to share with you, much like a synapses spark in the brain would share it with the rest of my consciousness and through that with the rest of you, via this internet version of our shared consciousness.

In order to satisfy my need for beauty, and the love for creation, sharing and learning (apart for the interactions with material plane friends and family) I go to this very strange and exhilarating internet version of our shared consciousness which I would call our ability to create out of nothing through another burst of synapses activity called free association which of course is nothing other than delving that shared consciousness I’m talking about. It is after all all there; our capacity to create from beauty to beast, from compassion to corruption.

There are many such networks, as there are after all in our shared consciousness too but it seems that for the time being mine is a network called Pinterest. (It’s free to open an account unlike “heaven” which requires a lifetime of living good and sin free live!)

Be warned though before you visit as dwelling in the creative plane is enlightening and addictive and might make it impossible to go back to the material world and no, for those of you who dwell in the male gender part of our shared psyche it is not all about clothes, jewellery and shoes (and did I mention bags?),  there is plenty of beer, smoke oven and trout fly making stuff too!

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