Something To Watch With Your Morning Coffee: Ethos

I don’t watch a lot of TV. I’m over the psychopathic killers being heroes, sheriffs shooting their way through dysfunctional counties, real life shows chronicling the lives of narcissistic celebrities and for news I hope you’ll agree with me the TV nor the news papers are a real option.

Just lately I also feel that the mere flickering of the actual light source interferes with my thoughts and my equilibrium so my evenings are spend at the moment outside in the mild warm light of some outside Xmas lights living our version of Mediterranean evening bliss while dining all fresco and actually talking about things that matter to me and my husband. You should try it sometime!

Mind you if documentaries like these found their way to the screen I would be  tempted to endure the entrancing flicker rate and I might feel for a fleeting moment that there was a chance the TV as a medium stood a chance of redeeming itself which in the real world is of course impossible.

Mind you the series True Detective with Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson is one of the few things I do watch. If a silly romcom actor can ascend to the kind of acting he get’s up to in that series and the other star  can host a doco like this then may there is hope.

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