On The Narcissism Of Corporations Or Why Anadarko Won’t Go Away.

I live on the west coast of the North Island. In fact I live very close to Raglan and when I sit on my couch my view consists mainly of Karioi and sky. When the wind is right I hear the waves crashing on the bar of Raglan and if I feel like seeing people I drive to Raglan for a coffee and more often then not that means a walk on the beach with my dog.

When his week Anadarko announced that there where no viable amounts of oil and gas to be drilled for some 100 miles out of our pristine coast I was of course relieved but as someone who has been victimized by the odd malignant narcissist in my life, my next thought was: What’s next? Because you see I know that Corporations like the real world people cursed with the soullessness that marks the malignant Narcissist and Psychopath never give up and never let go of a prey and the West coast and its people, make no mistake, are prey. A Malignant Narcissist/ Psychopath is never a gentle beast. In fact take my advice and if you encounter one turn around and run unless you are prepared to do battle to the death. But he becomes even more deadly and enraged when he feels threatened and wronged and woe betide if he focuses on you when he does and Anadarko with it’s loss of $950 million dollars in the last quarter alone must be hurting.

So it was no surprise to me when they announced that while they had not found oil or gas and neither did OMV this did not mean they would let go of the permit or give up on the idea of mining or drilling for oil or other resources in the area.

What does that mean in Malignant Narcisist or Psychopath speak? It says: “It’s mine and I’ll keep it. I hate the people who set out to disrupt my plans and even though there is nothing of value here for me I will hang onto it so I can bully and terrorize the coastal people of the West coast of the North Island for as long as I please.”


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