And the Guillotine Award Goes Too….. Kevin O’Leary!

It has been a while since I awarded the Guillotine award to a deserving human being. Not that there was a lack of candidates. In fact there really are too many to mention but here are a few candidates who more than made the grade.

There is the  entire Kardashian family for example and that includes Kanye West for being total wastes of space with their severe narcissistic personality disorders, Tamara Ecclestone for trying to nick back a gift and using up court time to do it with while she is rolling in it and went out and got another one the day after the verdict, Goldman Sach’s Loyd Blankfein for saying banks did Gods work and JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon for being a scumbag in an order of magnitude all of his own. The entire banking echelon for destroying our financial system would be a horde  of good candidate and while we’re at it why not clear out every single royal for being the utter parasites they are and the entire Walton family of Wall mart infamy and even John Key comes close when he tells us that being poor is the result merely of bad life choices I could go on and on and on but today the price goes to  Kevin O’Leary and here is why:


2 thoughts on “And the Guillotine Award Goes Too….. Kevin O’Leary!

  1. Kevin O’Leary deserves more than an Award; he deserves to be transported back to the French Revolution and share the fate of the aristocracy at that time.
    What inspired you to provide access to a Bob Dean interview. He is such an amazing guy to listen to and was still going strong at the age of 80.

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