David Cunliffe Wants To Make A Change! With More of the Same….?

This week Mickey from the Standard blog published an article asking its readers and commentators what they wanted to hear from David Cunliffe in his state of the Nation speech.

Suggestions ranged as far and wide as more taxes for the rich, no asset sales, stop fracking, living wages, less pollution, no TTP, Stronger laws protecting the workers, No spying on citizens, More transparency, Banking fraud investigations, More stringent tax payment rules for the rich, to name a few.

This is what I had to say about it:

I can think of a few subjects which would make it easy to determine if Cunliffe’s labour party is going to address real issues or will just be the other head of the same dragon.

1/ Our collapsing fiat currency system.
2/ The faux independence of the Reserve bank
3/ Nationalization of the privatized assets instead of buying them back
4/ The instant cancellation of the TPP as an onerous and fraudulent take over of big corporations
5/ Exit our membership of NATO

Today it appeared that David Cunliffe took an interest and he even wrote a response to all the suggestions and it turns out that he has listened!!!!

He announced a big change in his election manifesto!!!!

In response to our wishes he announced that Asset sales, fracking, deepsea mining, government corruption and low taxes for the rich and the super rich would be off the table…… not!

His changes? The proposed elimination of GST on fresh fruit and vegetables and the first $ 5000 earnings tax free are now off the table. So instead of some much needed relieve of the 99% who can hardly make ends meet after 4 years of National we are now supposed to feel happy it’s Labour wringing us out instead of National! Wow, I’m feeling better already!

And just to give you a hint as to how much it would save if Labour started to pursue tax evasion by the rich here is a graph that explains it all! Now imagine what would happen if we just rescinded the tax advantages given to the rich under National!


I guess I have my answer as to what Labour will mean for the 99% of Kiwi’s being looted by the PTB!

3 thoughts on “David Cunliffe Wants To Make A Change! With More of the Same….?

  1. The biggest majority will be the non-vote New Zealand naturals, were near mid forties in last election in actuality, will clear 50 this one….

    & good on them!

  2. Cunliffe may possibly succeed and lead a different party into power but he will still dance to the same tune that Key dances to (happily it seems!) and the tune that Clarke danced to before him. Every NZ PM has danced to this tune since the end of WW2. Kiwis may believe that NZ is no longer a colony of the UK but, along with Australia, Canada and the UK itself, we are a colony of the USA. Look up the UKUSA Treaty in Wikipedia to confirm this.
    And the USA is no longer a democracy (since 1914 in fact!) but has been ruled by an oligarchy of unelected bank and multinational bosses. The scull and cross bones is a very appropriate emblem for them. Here in NZ they have John Key’s ear and he has theirs. The average Kiwi is therefore meat in the cabalistic sandwich, along with 99% of the worlds population. What will happen if and when folk wake up to this fact of 21st century life on Planet Earth and refused to be chewed on?

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