Roast Busters? Meet Internet Restrictions And Blog Limitations! Oh, And John Key Thinks They Should just Grow Up.

The news that a group of young man had group raped young, drunk girls and bragged about it online shocked I tell you, shocked our leaders! Judith Collins was happy to announce that cyber bullying will not be tolerated and introduced a law today to prevent just that. Isn’t public outrage a wonderful thing!

Funny thing is that these guys had been doing the raping and bragging for years!

The fact that they had done so openly for years and with seemingly no repercussions for their appalling behavior and without any intervention from the police even thought they confessed to their crimes on a public online space should give some real indication as to why the group who called themselves Roast Busters is made public enemy at this very moment.

Recently we have had an incredibly invasive spy law perpetrated on us and our esteemed leaders are in the process of reviewing who can be allowed to blog as “journalists and  who can be trusted with freedom of speech online.

In order to be able to predate on us with more draconian laws and regulations requiring bloggers such as yours truly to jump through hoops to bring you my view of what is happening in the world in the future what is needed is public outrage.

New Zealand of all “modern” Nations is one of the most backward countries with regards to Internet and online activity.

Where even a country such as Croatia which not so long ago was bombed back to the stone age by NATO has internet cafes and an amazing mobile phone and online network here most people other than the big cities has large areas not covered by anything other than the old copper wire and you’re lucky if you can have some expensive satellite connection to connect you to the rest of the world.

So for most people the exploits of a few moronic, violent and sexually abusive young man which should cause outrage period is an easy trigger, especially if it happens on that newfangled thingamajig called the interweb. By golly there should be some rules there cause we can’t be having all this behavior going on out here were the police can’t do anything about it!

The thing is what rules should there be and why could the police not intervene when these kids confessed in a open social network? Why could these kids get away with rape when they were bragging about it and why can they not be prosecuted when after all their confessions stand even when the girls involved will not bring charges?

If a murder is committed we can bring charges can’t we? We have a dead body and circumstantial evidence and when the perpetrator confesses the case is a good as done!

Hell, if you so much as joke about causing mayhem on your highschool in the US you get treated like an enemy combatant an you disappear to jail forever.

Yet, here these kids have been able to terrorize young girls whose lives have been destroyed with one stupid drunken night because these guys thought it would be fun not just to gang rape these girls but to brag about it online afterwards.

Bring on the Anti Cyber Bullying law which will see you in jail if you incite someone to commit suicide and while I think that inciting suicide is an appalling form of social behavior who is to say how and when that happens. Is saying “oh, drop dead” now a reason to close down a blog or throw you in jail?

Judith Collins said that she always intended to introduce the law today but that means nothing. The Roast Buster site was known about for a long time and it would have been easy to start the Roast Buster Media campaign exactly when she needed it.

But no matter the how. They why is more important. How long will it be before people will use this law to stop bloggers from reporting on behavior of say the likes of John Banks because it is hurtful to him stopping effective citizen journalism and how long before even more Draconian laws will be introduced effectively killing blogs such as this?

2 thoughts on “Roast Busters? Meet Internet Restrictions And Blog Limitations! Oh, And John Key Thinks They Should just Grow Up.

  1. This problem is rife in New Zealand. Authorities go to extraordinary lengths to encourage under age sex. Our 14-year old daughter was also victim of a gang like this in Auckland. NZ authorities gagged us (parents) and our two sons in order to keep us quiet. The NZ Head of State gave the men medals.

  2. The pattern was set for aping Washington style rule some time ago with the “Aquatic Protest” legislation, the NZ Spying legislation, the selling of national assets to the PMs mates and the military exercises with foreign troops in Canterbury designed to make relations with other repressive regimes more comfortable. Now the mionister says she has been contemplating this new legislation for some time. What else are that bunch in the cabinet room dreaming up as they drool over events in the USA and UK. There is a video containing a list of suggestions to help them on active post dot com 2013,11, are you terrorist h-t-m-l.

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