Updated: Hi Cam, “It’s John Here”. “Yes, Prime Minister?” “No Cam, Just John!” Yes, Prime Minister… Um John.”

Key said he regularly called Slater, who broke the story of the Len Brown affair, “to see what he’s got on his site and mind”.  John Key 14-2-2014 Green Party co-leader Russel Norman asked Mr Key today how many times since November 2008 that he had spoken with Mr Slater or texted him. Mr Key […]

Booze Buses, Breathalysers, Finger Printing Or What You Need To Know About The Law

On it was announced that New Zealand’s Police Force would be rolling out buses equipped with booze detectors and fingerprinting stations. This presents us with some problems about how our rights under the law will be guaranteed. And here is why: First of all, don’t get me wrong, this is not about bad mouthing the […]

Update: @whaledump Suspended/ Long live @Whaledump2

This morning Twitter suspended the Whaledump account. I’m sure Nationals and Whaleoil’s boys are working overtime to stem the flow of information the voting citizens of New Zealand need to make up their minds. What they should have known is that the more you try to stop it online the more fun it is to […]

Judith Collins Behaved Like A Bully On Twitter But Now It’s Not So Much Fun Anymore Or Who’s The Senitive Wee Sausage Now?

Update: Judith Collins regrets Orivida interactions? No Judith, you regret being caught for the greedy unpricipled pig that you are. Step down! In true bully fashion Judith Collins has announced that she will retreat from Twitter. I say bully fashion because that of course is what a bully does. It’s one thing to make arrogant, […]