On Greece, Austerity Or Why Privsatisation Really Is A Very Bad Idea

Here is a one and a half hour Greek documentary about the privatization and the “soft” coup in Greece by the same people who supported the Military Junta which brought misery to millions of Greeks in times not so long past.

It is subtitled in English if you push the subtitle button!

3 thoughts on “On Greece, Austerity Or Why Privsatisation Really Is A Very Bad Idea

  1. How can a Debt exist that was created out of nothing?
    It is a virtual Reality Generated by the World Banking Cabal
    The Truth is it is a State of Mind that we have been Conditioned to Accept
    But in Reality is only a Figure on a Piece of Telmudic Paper

  2. This is a brilliant documentary…..The Neoliberal disaster with emphasis on the catastrophic results of privatisation. Thatcher did in UK, Reagan in US, Rogernomics in NZ…..with Key now on a roll to continue this theft of natural monopolies belonging to the people. It all goes back to the WB/IMF Structural Adjustment Policies and further back to the Rothchilds Central Bankers and their ambition to control the wealth of nations. We in NZ are not known for a revolutionary spirit but maybe the Greeks and other European nations with a history of revolution might just carry the day for revolt against these Banksters and the Transnationals without borders.

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