Wetiko, Malignent Egophrenia, Our Communal Nightmare Or Why I Need To Spend Time In My Own World

I have for at least six years written and accumulated material written by others in order to educate myself and hopefully others about the “reality” we live in. It seems that around about this time of the year the energy I want to spend doing this is the lowest and always has been.

I read as much as I always do but feel despondent about adding any of it to my blog. Another false flag, another psyop, another evil act in the name of God, Allah or another divine being which needs to be defended against some insult or other? Fracking, Polluting, destroying whatever is left of our environment? Religious leaders stepping down to avoid prosecution, Bankers stealing trillions, politicians lying about why they attack countries, terrorize their populations? It seems not a lot of people really care.

In fact in the years I have been doing this it seems that while most people continue to stumble through life in a paradigm that hasn’t been mine for a long time the level of dysfunction and evil is increasing on a logarithmic scale and I can only watch from the sideline as history unfolds.

It is as they say: Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it but I would like to add that those who do are doomed to stand on the sideline and are powerless to prevent it from repeating. I don’t know what is worse.

For now I have to go and create beauty and tranquility in my own world and perhaps in doing this I will do my tiny bit to steer the communal nightmare we live in towards a more peaceful and more beautiful one. In the mean time ponder this:

The concept of Wetiko or Malignant Egophrenia or how we are all infected with a mental virus that destroys our spirituality, soul and Psyche. A virus which is contagious and which has those affected worst by it act in the most extraordinarily (self) destructive ways.

Part 1: The Greatest Epidemic Sickness Known to Humanity

Part 2: Vampire Squid Economics – A Case Study in Full-Blown Wetiko Disease

Part 3: Let’s Spread the Word – Wetiko

And don’t worry, I’ll be back ( I always do) but in what form I don’t know!

10 thoughts on “Wetiko, Malignent Egophrenia, Our Communal Nightmare Or Why I Need To Spend Time In My Own World

  1. I have just visited your wonderful site and see you are off on much needed and well earned sabbatical from this blog. I love what Timmac and the other commenter’s have said here Ev –so true. You have given so many of your readers inspiration to let light shine on the darkness that is around us and you will no doubt continue to help to create a better world in your time away from the blog. Thank you so muchxx

    I recently read this quote from Frederick Douglass, in a speech to the International Council of Women (on 31 March 1888) and thought you may like “I have seen dark hours in my life, and I have seen the darkness gradually disappearing, and the light gradually increasing… And I remember that God reigns in eternity, and that, whatever delays, disappointments, and discouragements may come, truth, justice, liberty, and humanity will ultimately prevail.”

  2. yes, a big thanks for all your efforts, i have gone through a similar process and understand where you are coming from.
    all the best

  3. Will miss your posts EV but quite understand your need to step back and recharge your own batteries. Go and smell the roses! Take care.

    • Funny how all these wonderful comments keep appearing. Thanks Ian, who knows I may come back a happy musician with a penchant for Geopolitics. 😀

  4. All is well EV. So many of the ‘truthers’ out there like Michael C. Ruppert and David Wilcock are feeling the same way. This is happening for a reason and you are now instinctively moving in the right direction, which is to BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD. Anger, frustration, and resentment at our corrupt system, even when coming from a seemingly positive desire to educate, just breeds more of that same vibration. Like Einstein said, it can be no other way … it’s physics not philosophy. I no longer get angry at what’s going on around me. In fact I see it all as a beautiful and necessary thing our planet has to go through. The path of TRUE AND UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is where this is all headed, and true love is all encompassing. That means loving all the minions in the world too. We can still keep one eye on what’s going on, but at the same time stay firmly planted in our hearts. As Jesus said, “Be in this world, but not of it”. You are in a perfect position EV to continue on with your service to mankind but with a much higher vibration in regards to your delivery. Like I said before, ALL IS WELL 🙂

    Arohanui EV! YOU … ARE … LOVED 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. They touched my heart and soul. I think you are right but it is always a scary thing to give in to your instincts and take a new direction. Another blogger who is in touch with Michael Ruppert also pointed out that him and others seem to be moving away from their informing and research roles in order to become more of the change we need to be to turn this around.

      • Michael Ruppert began to move away from reporting all of the chaos to just living in his heart and emanating that love. It hasn’t been easy for him (or any of us) during this monumental consciousness transition, but it’s an important and necessary step towards us living IN this world but not being OF it. Michael is now back to reporting on what’s going on but he is much more detached at the same time. You should checkout his show ‘The Lifeboat Hour’ if you don’t already, as it’s been really cool to watch his and his listeners go through this transition. We are slowly moving from our heads (duality consciousness) back to our hearts (Christ consciousness) which is a beautiful thing. And even though the majority are desperately fighting this inevitable change (they have to fight it because they can feel their egos, their false selves, dying, and without their ‘identities’ they believe they will be lost), in the end, LOVE will prevail 🙂 Arohanui 🙂

  5. Hope you do come back – can be a bit soul destroying feeling like you’re the only one out there that ‘gets it’ – warmest mate hug.

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