Would you like some oil and corexit with your fish, sir?

Fish, Corexit and Oil

Two years after the BP, Halliburton, Goldman Sachs oil disaster in the Golf of Mexico horrible things are turning up in the fishermen’s nets. Eyeless shrimp, soft shell crabs and fish with oil and Corexit in their tissue.

Not only that but fisheries are collapsing life is ebbing and dolphins are dying yet our government wants to invite these corporations over here to do the same thing they did over there.

Here is the current Hikoi ittinerary:
Be there!!!

5 thoughts on “Would you like some oil and corexit with your fish, sir?

  1. Lots of waves some groups are making.
    Sleepy shire folk slowing waking.
    Middle Earth NOT for the taking.
    And John Key’s Mordor
    plans we’re breakiing
    Add Hikoi and Demnstration + more..and I have more hope for my fellow New Zealanders than JaceD. Because they just need to feel far more connected by what shoulld & does motivate them than by what most of the lamestream media keep disingenously reporting divides them, we just need to keep linking to get the sheople people thinking & then hopefully MOVING too..

  2. Do you have any links about what happend with the Maui Dolphin campaign? I’ve tried find information (also using mainstream news media) but I haven’t heard or read anything about it? Not that that’s a suprise as Donkey has a habit of keeping his less-than-agreeable corporate business deals out of the public eye. Not that that would change anything as kiwis seem more concerned about smokers and smoke brands than anything of true concern.

    Personally I have little hope for my fellow New Zealanders, we seem to be a nation of misinformed winging do-gooders who are more than happy to turn a blind eye to anything truely horrible.

    • I have a new blog on the way about mining, seabed mining, Fracking, drilling and associated issues such as the annihilation of an entire species

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