Global No Fly List Introduced!

For those Kiwi’s who think that John Key is the culprit in announcing draconian measures against people who might be contemplating travelling to foreign war zones to join Islamic forces here is some information you might have missed in the Mainstream Media.

After the events of 9/11 with the acceptance of the Patriot act a list was introduced. The list contained the names of people who where deemed to dangerous to fly and suspected of having sympathies for al Qaeda. In practice it meant that people the US government did not like all of a sudden found themselves grounded and unable to travel freely. No reasons where given and people on the list found themselves locked out of air travel without any chance of redress.

On the 14th of September the UN voted unanimously for a resolution making being suspected of “thought crime” a legal reason to put people on a global no fly list. A sort of global Patriot act you might say. Here is what Abby Martin’s Breaking the set on RT TV had to say about it:

So when John Key announced that he was going to call for law changes making “thought crime” a legal ground  for stopping people from travelling he was implementing a global directive of an international organisation ruled by the global oligarchy. What this means is that John Key is not officiating an independent sovereign policy but the take over of New Zealand by the International Banker Military machine.

What this will mean for New Zealanders in the future is shown in the Infographic from the ACLU below:


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