Did The Ukraine Just Declare War On Russia?

Here are just a few pointers as to why a war between NATO and Russia would be a bad idea:

The Ukrainian president declared ‘war’ against Russia today after gunfire between pro-Moscow troops and Ukrainian special forces ended in the first fatalities of the conflict.

The country’s interior minister Arsen Avakov said a security service officer was killed near Slovyansk, east Ukraine, in gun fire today and five others were woudned. The Russian news agency RIA reported one pro-Moscow activist was killed and two others were injured.

It is the first reported gun battle in the area  – where armed men loyal to Moscow have seized a number of law enforcement buildings, including a police station, in recent days.

Now, Ukraine’s authorities have said they plan to launch a ‘full-scale anti-terrorist operation’ against pro-Russian forces. A deadline for separatist militants to give up their weapons and leave buildings they have occupied has been set by the country for 6.00 GMT tomorrow.
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